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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham reveals her only 2 rules for daughter Sophia, 14, after she’s slammed for shocking birthday gift

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham reveals her only 2 rules for daughter Sophia, 14, after she’s slammed for shocking birthday gift

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham has revealed certain rules for her teen daughter Sophia, despite allowing her to get multiple piercings.

Farrah, 31, defended herself against “mom shamers” who slammed her for allowing her 14-year-old to get six piercings for her birthday.

Instagram/@farrahabrahamFarrah Abraham explained that she does have stricter rules for her daughter despite allowing her to get piercings[/caption]

Instagram/@farrahabraham14-year-old Sophia got six piercings as a birthday gift[/caption]

Farrah jumped on Instagram to defend her parental choices and reposted an interview she did with TMZ in which she explained her rules for her daughter.

In the video, she explained she is against things that are “more permanent,” saying in part: “Like tattoos, I’m definitely not about that.”

The reality star further explained that despite being a Teen Mom: “I’m not going to really agree with my child dating, or having sex right now.”

“My child experimenting with drugs and possibly dying right now. There’s definitely real-life things that parents are really going through that are probably way more difficult than piercings that might get rejected.”

Fans reacted to her defensive post, with one writing: “You owe absolutely no one an explanation. Live that life babe.”

Another agreed: “I got my belly button pierced for my 13th birthday and my nose I think when I was 14 .. nothing wrong with it girl.”

“Piercings are temporary. I don’t understand the outrage at all,” wrote another.

Another praised: “Don’t waste your time defending your parenting choices. My 12-year-old pierced her own nose even after I said no lol.”

The commotion started when Farrah took to TikTok and shared a compilation of photos and videos from a tattoo parlor.


The Teen Mom OG star uploaded footage of the birthday girl getting two snakebite piercings on her bottom lip and two new piercings on each ear.

The mom of one captioned her post: “@sophialaabraham HAPPY 14th birthday! #snakebite & #earlobe piercing party! 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match your snake.”

Critics slammed the MTV star for allowing her daughter to get so many piercings at a young age.

In an exclusive interview with In Touch Weekly, Farrah clapped back at her critics and defended herself: “I won’t be shaming my daughter, I LOVE and support Sophia 100 percent on who and what she wants to become.

“The mom shamers should recognize what some kids will grow out of and what they [will not]. 

She added: “That’s part of a teen journey as I don’t have my belly button piercing anymore.”

Farrah concluded: “I have all the compassion for her as I wish I had as a teen.”

It’s not the first time Farrah was ripped for her parenting choices.


Farrah, who lives in an apartment – bought two baby goats from a farm, one as a gift for Sophia and one for herself.

She shared several photos of Sophia cradling her black goat in her arms on her Instagram Stories.

She wrote: “@sophialabraham got a baby goat today! Awh!!!”

The MTV alum also posted a video of herself with her white coat, squealing, “Oh my gosh look at the baby goat hoof!” while holding up its hooves.

She captioned the clip: “So did I! Baby moon, new baby goat! Adorbs.”

Critics slammed Farrah – who has been accused of mistreating animals in the past – for buying the goats.

One wrote on Reddit: “Doesn’t she live in an apartment in Austin? How is she providing housing for these poor babes?”

Another posted, “So irresponsible,” and a third raged: “Ugh. Nooooo!!! These poor animals!”

The backlash comes after The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that Farrah was keeping a pair of peacocks in her apartment.

In November, her neighbors filed complaints after finding out she was keeping the birds at the posh high-rise.

TikTokCritics slammed the Teen Mom for allowing her to get piercings[/caption]

GettyOn Instagram, Farrah explained her daughter is not allowed to drink alcohol or do drugs[/caption]

Instagram/farrahabrahamFarrah was also slammed for gifting her daughter a baby goat[/caption]

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