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Teen Mom fans think Leah Messer’s daughters Ali and Aleeah, 13, are ‘so grown up’ after the star shares twins’ milestone

Teen Mom fans think Leah Messer’s daughters Ali and Aleeah, 13, are ‘so grown up’ after the star shares twins’ milestone

LEAH Messer from Teen Mom has posted new videos of her twins as they experience a major life event.

Leah’s twin 13-year-old girls Ali and Aleeah had the unpleasant experience of getting braces yesterday, and Leah made a video montage for Instagram.

TikTok/leahmesserLeah Messer document a major milestone in her daughter’s lives and shared it on Instagram[/caption]

Instragram/leahmesserThe 13-year-old twins just got their braces put on[/caption]

The video started with a classic “before” photo of the Teen Mom’s kids without any metal in their mouths.

Leah also snagged some video clips of her girls sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Once the braces were on, the twins had the familiar experience of going through and picking their first band colors.

Once the twins were back in the car, they immediately started taking selfies of their new look. They were both laughing and smiling in the back seat.

The video ended with a selfie Leah took with her teenagers and their new smiles.

Leah captioned the post: “WHAT? Braces? How are Ali and Aleeah this big?”


Fans of Leah and Teen Mom raced to her comment section to express their amazement at how much the twins have grown.

One commented: “I literally can’t believe the babies of Teen Mom are legit teenagers now. Time is going by so fast. Kudos to you though for raising self-confident girls who aren’t afraid to express themselves!”

Someone else said: “I’m still in shock, like, they weren’t supposed to grow up lol.”

A third fan said: “I’ve been watching teem mom since the beginning and I just can’t believe how grown they are. So beautiful!”

Another wrote: “I cannot believe I used to watch Teen Mom and they were infant babies. Life goes by so fast!”


Ali was diagnosed with Titin Myotonic muscular dystrophy, a rare form of progressive weakness disease, back in 2014.

Viewers of the MTV show learned about the teen’s diagnosis on 16 & Pregnant and have been following along for almost a decade.

Fans have seen Ali get diagnosed, tagged along on doctor’s appointments, and seen her try out different assistive technology, like a power wheelchair. 

She has never let MD keep her down, participating in activities just like her sister.

Leah has done a great job keeping Ali’s spirits up as she shared a hopeful post amid her daughter’s frightening diagnosis.

She filmed several videos with her daughters, asking them about their plans for the future. Ali reveals that she has high hopes for her life.

The teenager said: “I’m going to have a horse barn and be an equestrian and then I have like three dog breeds – two out of three – a St. Bernard, a Cane Corso, or an English Mastiff, and then two cats.”

Leah revealed that her daughter was already eyeing up colleges despite being just 13, admitting that she’s interested in a school in the midwest.

Instagram/LeahmesserAfter seeing the video Leah posted, fans can’t believe how grown up the girls are[/caption]

TikTok/leahmesserMany Teen Mom fans have been watching the twins grow up since they were born and on 16 & Pregnant[/caption]

TikTok/leahmesserOne of the twins, Ali, has been fighting MD for about a decade[/caption]

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