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Teen Mom Briana DeJesus shows off new massive tattoo of frightening figure that covers star’s entire thigh in shock pics

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus shows off new massive tattoo of frightening figure that covers star’s entire thigh in shock pics

TEEN Mom star Briana DeJesus has shown off her massively frightening tattoo on social media.

On Monday, the MTV personality shared a snap and clips of her getting a huge tattoo of a demonic-looking creature etched on her entire thigh on her Instagram Stories.

MTVTeen Mom star Briana DeJesus posted her new scary tattoo on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram/_brianadejesusBriana’s tattoo appeared to be a hybrid of a demon and reptile[/caption]

The first Story slide in the 28-year-old’s tattoo saga was a boomerang clip that showed the outline of her ink piece.

Though she didn’t caption the Story, she tagged her tattoo artist Darren Hutcherson’s Instagram account.

In a couple of the following videos that Briana shared on her Stories to show the progress of her latest tattoo, Darren was filling in the outline, shading the muralistic body art.

The 16 & Pregnant alum made sure to tag Darren’s account in each of her Stories that spotlighted her tattoo work.

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A snap that showed the TV personality’s semi-done tattoo was posted in the last Story she dedicated to the art piece.

On her thigh appeared to be a mutant woman who was a hybrid of a reptile and a succubus.

There was also writing on the Teen Mom notable’s leg under the image that said: “Just because I carry it all so well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.”

So far, the tattoo was only colored black and white.

She captioned the Story: “Can’t wait to finish it.”


Briana isn’t new when it comes to getting inked up.

She got a tattoo in November, which inadvertently stirred fans online.

Briana took to TikTok at the time to document her tattoo experience, unveiling the newest addition to her tattoo collection in the end.

She kicked off her video sitting in her car, telling fans: “I’ve been wanting this tattoo for a really, really, really long time but I finally found someone that I think is great. Obviously, I can’t go back to my old tattoo artist for reasons we all know.”

The mom-of-two referenced her past engagement with tattoo artist ex Javi Gonzales, which she called off.

She went on: “I will show you guys the finished project. Well, not finished because I think this project that we have in mind is going to take more than one session. I’m going to start on my leg. It’s going to be, like, a horror theme with my favorite horror characters all over my leg.”

Briana filmed as she lay on the table getting tattooed, documented a brief break during which she chowed down on White Castle, and more.

Finally, she showed off the tattoo – Ghostface from the Scream movie franchise.

While the reality star gushed, “I am so obsessed!” fans were far less so.

Critics flocked to the comments to weigh in on the new ink.

“Played out,” one critic commented.

Another wrote: “That s**t is WACK!”

A third hater responded: “Agree lol I’m like, ‘What the heck are people saying?’ Is anyone gonna tell her the truth? lol.”

Another reply read: “I thought I was trippin’. Who wants to walk around with a leg full of black?”

Someone else chimed in: “Enough already!”

A sixth critic accused Briana in their post: “Trying to be like Kail. Wack!”

Another negative comment read: “That’s an awful tattoo. Too much black ink.”

InstagramBriana documented her scary tattoo in an Instagram Story saga[/caption]

InstagramBriana shared videos and a snap of her getting inked out by her tattoo artist[/caption]

MTVThe MTV personality isn’t new to the world of tattoos[/caption]

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