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RHONJ fans blast Teresa Giudice for ‘offensive’ new photo of her daughter Milania, 17

RHONJ fans blast Teresa Giudice for ‘offensive’ new photo of her daughter Milania, 17

REAL Housewives of New Jersey fans have blasted Teresa Giudice for posting an “offensive” new photo featuring her daughter Milania.

Teresa, 50, shared the insensitive promotional photo on her Instagram Tuesday.

Instagram/milania.ggiudiceReal Housewives fans blasted Teresa Giudice for posting an ‘offensive’ new photo featuring her daughter Milania[/caption]

Instagram/teresagiudiceIn the photo, Milania posed beside a Buddha statue as she advertised Teresa’s Nameste B$tches podcast merch[/caption]

The post, which was used to promote her Namaste B$tches podcast, was captioned: “You can say … When Namaste B$tches is a family affair.”

The snapshot showed Teresa’s 17-year-old daughter Milania sitting crossed-legged, mimicking the Buddha statue positioned beside her, with her hand raised and eyes closed.

The caption continued: “They are selling out fast!” referencing the podcast logo shirt Milania was wearing in the photo.

The Real Housewives star then advised: “You can get yours NOW.”

The post’s comment section quickly filled with fans’ disapproval of the photo and the “tacky” use of Buddhist imagery.

One person wrote: “Offensive,” another commented: “So disrespectful.”

A third commenter stated: “This is incredibly offensive,” punctuated with a “red flag” emoji.

They continued: “Crazy what people try to make money off of.”

One fan asked: “So honest question-are you practicing Buddhist or do you still follow the Catholic religion?”

A second quickly responded: “[She] was never a Buddhist.”

“I thought you guys were Catholic!?” chimed a third.

While a fourth follower commented: “Personally, I think the name is ignorant and disrespectful the Buddhist religion.”


Last year, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans ripped into Teresa Giudice for allowing her daughter Milania to look“so much older” than she is.

A photo captured her third eldest daughter in a baby blue polo mini-dress.

With the same brunette hair and recognizable features, the teen looked just like a mini version of her reality star mom.

She posed with her hand on her hip and looked away from the camera.

On her left wrist, she accessorized with a chunky Dolce & Gabbana watch, and on her right, three gold bangles.

Although some fans were in love with the update from Teresa, others accused her of letting Milania look mature beyond her years

“Teresa needs to stop being Kris Jenner and pimping them out with all these ridiculous filters and over-the-top makeup,” accused one.

Another wrote: “She already looks old for her age! It would be nice to see her naturally pretty with no Photoshop.”

“All four daughters are naturally beautiful. They don’t need all that heavy, dramatic makeup. It makes all of them look so much older,” wrote a third.

Milana is one of the four children that Teresa shares with her ex Joe Giudice along with Gia, 22, Gabriella, 19, and 13-year-old Audriana.


Earlier this month, the reality TV star donned a wild outfit that ruthless Instagram followers accused made her “look like Spiderman.”

Teresa and her husband Luis hit the blue carpet of Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live on February 14th.

She wore her long hair down while in quite the number; a full-body skin-hugging morph suit that was covered in orange and blue polka dots.

The TV personality completed the look with beige slide sandals which also added contrast to the already busy outfit for her talk show appearance.

Teresa shared a short clip of kissing Luis to her Instagram a few days later and captioned it: “I love kissing you.”

Fans in the comments section, however, tore poor Teresa apart.

“I can’t with those shoes… just no. The shoes ruined it,” one user replied.

“That outfit is absolutely horrendous!!” tore another.

“Outfit looks like the game of Twister,” spun a third.

“What’s with the Spider Man suit??” asked another a fourth similarly mocked with no shame: “I thought it was a Spider-Man costume….double take”

Another roasted: “What the h**l kind of outfit is that…?

Some fans did gush over the mom’s physique in the tight number.

“Teresa has an amazing body for being 50 with four kids. And she works for it at the gym every day,” one fan defended, at least.

InstagramFans have criticized Teresa for allowing her Milania to look and dress much older than she is[/caption]

Instagram / Milania GiudiceOne fan wrote that Milania ‘already looks old for her age’ and that it would be ‘nice to see her naturally pretty with no photoshop’[/caption]

Instagram/@teresagiudiceRHONJ critics recently mocked Teresa Giudice’s ‘awful’ outfit she wore while attending Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live[/caption]

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