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North West, 9, shows off wild dance moves in solo new TikTok as mom Kim Kardashian jets to Milan for fashion week

North West, 9, shows off wild dance moves in solo new TikTok as mom Kim Kardashian jets to Milan for fashion week

NORTH West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has flaunted some wild and crazy dance moves in her recent TikTok.

In a three-minute-long and sped-up TikTok, North and her friend are almost done making a fresh batch of pasta.

TikTok @kimandnorthNorth showed off her fun and unique dance moves in a recent TikTok[/caption]

TikTok / Kim KardashianKim Kardashian has allowed her daughter to be on TikTok as long as she monitors it[/caption]

The girls spend the first part of the video exchanging jokes and sass while boasting about the pasta they made.

North’s friend pushes her out of the way to cut the dough, and the Kardashian kid responds by doing some funky dance moves in the background.

Her friend asks her for a knife, but North was too busy dancing and jumping up and down to listen, so the friend asked again.

As the other girl is cutting the pasta dough, North is singing and looking at herself in the camera.

The footage stops and all of a sudden North is eating a whole cucumber, very reminiscent of her Aunt Kendall.

The video ends with the girls having fun and organizing their freshly cut pasta dough.

Although Kim says she monitors everything North posts on social media, it didn’t appear that the girls were being supervised as they cooked.

Kim has been at Milan Fashion Week hitting the red carpet for Dolce & Gabbana all week.


Kim has hit the red carpet in Milan while wearing some amazing looks, but she’s suffered for her fashion choices.

She started her trip by visiting a Dolce & Gabbana store in the metropolis of northern Italy where she flaunted her long legs as she sported a leathery skirt with matching boots.

That night, the SKIMS founder wore a bejeweled, red Dolce & Gabbana dress that was so tight Kim struggled to walk up a small set of stairs.

Next, she wore a bright red snakeskin dress by D&G that hugged her waistline and hips. She appeared to be able to walk in this dress.

Unfortunatley for Kim, the next snakeskin dress was much tighter than the last, and steps were once again an obstacle.

The tight snakeskin print gown hugged her hips and thighs all the way down to her ankles.


In an exclusive interview, image consultant Tavia Sharp told The U.S. Sun: “By the time Kim was wearing the red snakeskin dress at the evening afterparty, you could tell she was bored.”

They continued: “The number of dress changes was saturating and as good as most of the dresses looked on her, I don’t think it was necessary to do all four of the outfits.

“The dresses were also really difficult for her to walk in and in the high heels. Kim does suffer for fashion and has done in the past at the Met Ball.

“Also D&G or her stylist probably should’ve had her wearing tights with the cream buckle daytime two-piece outfit.

“It’s interesting that they missed this as they could’ve put her in a sheer tight that would’ve covered up those knee wrinkles.

“I don’t really see Kim wearing outfits that show her legs off much anymore, so that outfit was the one that didn’t work fully.”

SplashKim wore Dolce & Gabbana throughout Milan Fashion Week[/caption]

RexAn expert said Kim suffered for fashion because she couldn’t walk in some of her outfits[/caption]

The Mega AgencyKim was spotted flaunting her legs while visitng a D&G store[/caption]

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