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Love Island fans are convinced there’s a secret romance in the villa after spotting ‘clue’

Love Island fans are convinced there’s a secret romance in the villa after spotting ‘clue’

LOVE Island fans have become convinced there’s a hot new romance brewing in the villa… if only there weren’t other people in the way.

New bombshells Keanan Brand and Rosie entered the Love Island villa last week and immediately caused trouble, with Casey O’Gorman having his head turned from current match Claudia Fogarty.

ErotemeFans are convinced Keanan has his eyes on Rosie[/caption]

ErotemeRosie has been seen chatting to Keanan and Casey[/caption]

ErotemeKeanan has been offering support to Claudia to win back Casey[/caption]

As they came in together, Keanan and Rosie were not initially eligible to couple up with each other, needing a match with someone currently in the house in order to stay.

However, fans have become convinced Keanan has developed feelings for Rosie over the past week, and may even be figuring out a way to make a move on her.

On Monday’s episode, the “big clue” fans got of his feelings was during a game of Snog, Marry, Pie – where Casey chose to snog Rosie in front of Claudia.

While he later chose her for the “marry”, Claudia was livid, and later that evening Casey finally admitted his head was turned.

While Claudia was heartbroken, it seems Keanan also had some feelings about the development – as he couldn’t bear to watch them kissing each other in the game.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed he squinted and looked away from the moment, believing it’s because he likes Rosie as more than a pal.

“Keanan closed his eyes tightly when Rosie kissed Casey,” said one fan. “He obviously likes her. Keanan smiled when Claudia pied Casey.”

“Casey looked away when Claudia kissed Keanan. He still has some feelings (not love) for Claudia but he is a player,” wrote a second.

A third said: “Keanan helping Claudia get Casey back, paving the way for him to get with Rosie.”

“I am also all in for Keanan and Rosie he clearly likes her so much!” added a fourth, while a fifth said: “Can Keanan and Rosie just couple up? I feel like there could be something.”

“Keanan and Rosie have so much chemistry please get together,” begged a sixth.

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2.

ErotemeKeanan struggled to look as Casey snogged Rosie[/caption]

ErotemeCasey has turned his attention to Rosie[/caption]

ErotemeRosie and Casey snogged in a game in front of everyone[/caption]

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