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Kourtney Kardashian’s husband Travis Barker reveals he will undergo surgery and shares gruesome new videos of injury

Kourtney Kardashian’s husband Travis Barker reveals he will undergo surgery and shares gruesome new videos of injury

TRAVIS Barker has revealed that he will undergo surgery after dealing with a gruesome injury for over a week.

The Blink-182 star recently responded to comments questioning why his wedding ring was missing, revealing that he’d dislocated and broken a bone in his fourth finger.

Instagram/Travis BarkerTravis smashed his ring finger while playing the drums in rehearsals[/caption]

HuluKourtney’s husband will undergo surgery to fix his injury[/caption]

Now Travis, 47, has shown fans his severe injury as he prepares to have surgery to fix the issue.

The musician took to his Instagram feed on Monday night to share several shots of the enlarged finger.

In a horrifying first video, a doctor snapped his ring finger’s bone back into place.

He asked Travis if he felt pain, and the drummer said: “I mean yeah, it’s painful.”

Fans could then hear a loud pop as the bone went back into place.

The father of three then shared a photo of his finger before it was popped back into place, looking huge, swollen, and purple.

He added a selfie once he had a cast on the finger, and then a final picture as he prepared to get the issue fixed once and for all.

Travis captioned the post: “Surgery tomorrow,” with a fingers crossed emoji, and his wife Kourtney Kardashian commented with several prayer emojis and a red heart.


Last week, the Blink-182 drummer revealed that he’d been hurt but did not share the gory details.

The rocker took to his Instagram Story to shock his followers and perhaps send a message to his haters.

He shared a photo of two ex-rays, which showed him holding up one finger.

The bones on the first knuckle appeared out of sorts, either broken or bent too far the wrong way.

While it appeared he was holding up his middle finger in the x-ray, it was Travis’ ring finger that was injured.


On Valentine’s Day, fans noticed that he was without his wedding ring.

The famous drummer shared a carousel of photos and videos that included one of him laying beside his dog.

In the clip, Travis was seen cuddling with his beloved pet.

There was also a closeup of his dog laying on his stomach.

The Hulu personality captioned his post: “Just the two of us.”

Travis’ buddy-strapped fingers were visible in the post and so was his ringless wedding finger.

Fans flocked to the comments to react, with some expressing empathy and others focused on his missing ring.

One fan asked in his comment section: ‘Wait… where’s the ring?”

In response, Travis wrote: “My ring finger is swollen, dislocated, and black and blue.”

Some fans took up for Travis and emphasized that it’s silly for people to worry about his wedding ring when he’s “obviously” wounded.

Replying to the original commenter who posed the question, one fan expressed: “That was a dumb question.

“Obviously something is wrong with his finger.”

Another fan mocked: “Did someone really just ask this poor guy where his ring is at?”


Travis hurt his hand while he rehearsing for the upcoming Blink-182 stadium tour

Last week he tweeted the word “f**k” with no context right before he shared another tweet that was more insightful. 

On February 8, he tweeted: “I was playing the drums at rehearsals yesterday and I smashed my finger so hard I dislocated it and tore the ligaments.”

How Travis’ injury will affect the upcoming tour remains to be seen. 

Blink-182 will play a string of shows overseas before they begin touring in the United States in May 2023.

Instagram/Travis BarkerTravis dislocated the bone in his ring finger[/caption]

Instagram/Travis BarkerHe shared a video of the doctor putting it back in place[/caption]

Instagram/Travis BarkerNow he will undergo corrective surgery[/caption]

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