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Katie Price’s ex Carl Woods gets THIRD tattoo of her – with huge inking of star making rude gesture on his chest

Katie Price’s ex Carl Woods gets THIRD tattoo of her – with huge inking of star making rude gesture on his chest

KATIE Price’s ex Carl Woods might have been expected to get fewer tattoos of the star since their split.

However, The Sun can reveal he’s actually had more – with a large new inking of her ‘face’ seen on his chest.

G.O.I Tattoo Studio GloucesterKatie Price’s ex has a new tattoo – and it looks just like her[/caption]

InstagramIt comes after he announced their break-up in November[/caption]

G.O.I Tattoo Studio GloucesterHe had the impressively detailed tattoo done at a Gloucester studio[/caption]

A character bearing a strong resemblance to Katie, 44, is shown with her middle finger raised in a new tattoo.

A Gloucester studio shared pictures of Carl – who is already heavily tattooed – getting the artwork.

The former Love Islander, 34, is seen lying down and later standing topless with the impressively detailed new inking on show.

Carl has a number of tattoos that look like Pricey – including one realistic drawing of her that matches the one of him she has on her arm.

The newest one was said to be a Mexican Day of the Dead girl designed to look like Katie.

The smiling character was seen wearing a beanie hat with long light hair flowing from the sides.

G.O.I Tattoo Studio explained in a social media post: “Ex love Island star and boyfriend of Katie Price Carl Woods got inked last week.

“He had a Mexican day of the dead girl which was made to look similar to Katie.”

Pricey has long insisted it’s over between her and Carl, despite them being seen together in Thailand.

He was pictured on the luxury holiday she had organised with her children Jett and Bunny, but Carl later came back to the UK alone.

Katie insisted they ran into each other in Thailand – where he was celebrating his birthday – as they had “mutual friends” in the country and happened to be there at the same time.

She insisted to the Mirror that she was still single, saying: “I like being on my own.

“I’m single and love my own space. I’m just enjoying time with the kids and I want to throw myself into work.”

It was Carl who called time on their romance back in November, dramatically announcing that they had split.

However, things have not been clear-cut since then – with the pair even said to have agreed to attend couples’ therapy together.

Carl has several Pricey tattoos – including these ‘his and hers’ inkingsAnother inking bore a striking resemblance to the TV starInstagram

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