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Jinger Duggar shatters dad Jim Bob’s strict rules with sexy outfit in LA after slamming ‘cult-like’ upbringing in book

Jinger Duggar shatters dad Jim Bob’s strict rules with sexy outfit in LA after slamming ‘cult-like’ upbringing in book

JINGER Duggar has once again shattered her strict family dress code rules by wearing a sexy outfit in a new social media post.

The Counting On alum recently revealed all about her authoritarian upbringing in her new memoir Becoming Free Indeed.

Instagram/jingervuoloJinger Duggar shatters dad Jim Bob’s strict rules with sexy outfit[/caption]

Instagram/duggarfamJim-Bob and Michelle imposed strict dress code rules for the girls in the Duggar family[/caption]

The ex-TLC star shared the photo on her Instagram, which showed her standing on a snow-covered hill with gorgeous sprawling mountains in the background.

Jinger wore camel-colored pants and an oversized sleeveless jacket with a turtleneck underneath.

One of the strict family rules imposed by Jim Bob and Michelle is that women are not allowed to wear pants.

The former reality star posted the photo to promote her work with Christian Healthcare Ministries in preparation for Easter.

Jinger has made a habit out of defying her parents as she again ignored their conservative dress code.


A photo shared by Jinger, but originally posted by Jeremy, showed off the Duggar daughter’s lazy Saturday outfit.

Jinger wore a navy blue sweatshirt with white lettering on it, tan jogger sweatpants, and tan rubber shoes.

The photo was taken from an unflattering upward angle, but Jinger still smiled at the camera with her hands in her sweatpants pockets.

The reality TV star was pictured in front of their white Los Angeles home and short brick steps.

In the post, Jeremy wrote: “And those are remnants of Christmas lights still hanging. I’m getting to it.”

While most wouldn’t think twice about wearing the comfy couture, Jinger’s parents would forbid her from wearing it.


The sixth child of Jim Bob and Michelle, Jinger left the church in 2017, and has since slammed its teachings as “cult-like.”

Jinger’s book shed new light on the sisters’ upbringing.

Speaking to People, the author said: “The teaching I grew up under was harmful, it was damaging, and there are lasting effects.”

Jinger and her 18 siblings were raised under the teachings of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, a Christian organization established by disgraced minister Bill Gothard.

Women are expected to have multiple children while the husband works long hours to “provide for the family.”

The women are then forced to homeschool all their kids while taking care of the babies and possibly being pregnant with another.

The founder Bill, 88, led the church until 2014 when more than 30 women accused him of sexual harassment and molestation over a period of decades.

Both Jill and Jinger have distanced themselves from their parents Jim Bob and Michelle in recent years.

Previously, after Counting On alum Jinger posted on Instagram about a new interview she did with People,  sister Jill was the only one of her 18 siblings to leave a comment.

“Proud of you [and Jeremy as I’m sure you continue to support each other] as you have processed so much, I’m sure, and yet continued to cling to each other and Jesus!” she wrote at the time.

Jinger moved away from the family compound in Arkansas to Los Angeles, where she and Jeremy live with their two children – Felicity, four, and Evie, two.

Instagram / Jeremy VuoloJinger often breaks dress code rules, and recently wore sweatpants[/caption]

GettyJinger and her husband Jeremy have distanced themselves from the family[/caption]

Instagram/ jillmdillardSister Jill showed support for sister Jinger’s tell-all book where she talked about a ‘cult-like’ upbringing[/caption]

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