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GMA’s Michael Strahan resurfaces in very remote location amid absence from morning show studio

GMA’s Michael Strahan resurfaces in very remote location amid absence from morning show studio

MICHAEL Strahan has resurfaced in a clip in a very remote location.

He is reporting from Easter Island, Chile, as he remains absent from the show’s studio.

ABCMichael Strahan is reporting from a remote location and resurfaced in a clip for Good Morning America, as he reports on climate change in Chile[/caption]

ABCHe was last in the studio on Friday[/caption]

Rebecca Jarvis sat in Michael‘s seat once again on Tuesday.

She was joined by Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

He was last in the studio on Friday, when he revealed the news that he would be heading to Chile for a week-long segment.

However, GMA connected Michael to the show live on Tuesday by video chat with his co-hosts.

He was very dressed down in a light-blue t-shirt, dark blue shorts, and sneakers.

“I am here to report on how the island is being affected by climate change,” he told viewers.

The 51-year-old said that a new Moai statue was found on the island, due to the “changing conditions.”

The show then aired recorded video of Michael in the airport, and of citizens of Easter Island finding the statue in a dried up river bed.

When the host arrived, he was given a lei for his neck and then treated to a personal tour guide to bring him around the island.

Michael was mesmerized by the huge crater that he was shown.

The former footballer then let fans and his co-hosts know that they can look forward to seeing the culture of Easter Island, including dance, food, and people, among other things, on Thursday.

He is expected back in the studio next week.


Despite showing a preview for his trip on Friday, Robin let everyone know where Michael was on Monday.

“Next on @GMA…a stunning new discovery on Easter Island..an ancient sculpture has been found in a dry lake bed on the remote volcanic island. @michaelstrahan is headed there now for a major live event…he’ll explore the island & look at how climate change is affecting the area,” she tweeted.

She was joined once again by George and Rebecca.

Usually, Michael is out on Mondays, due to covering football the night before, but football season is over, so now he has more time to do projects for GMA.

Michael has traveled into space, gone to freezing cold locations, and more, all to bring awareness to climate change.


Last week, Michael also promoted a new career venture.

The NFL star showed off his shaving balm from his skincare range to Instagram.

Michael shared a suave photo of himself checking out his jaw after having a shave on his Instagram Story.

The text on the GMA anchor’s snap read: “Confidence is the routine.”

The same image was also shared on the official Michael Strahan Brand account on Instagram.

It featured the caption: “Today’s lewk: Clean. That feeling when you head out with clean skin and an even cleaner beard line – fresh and sharp to face what’s ahead.

“It starts with clear shaving lotion that lets you actually see where you’re shaving.

Michael’s men’s skincare range is part of his Michael Strahan brand, which also includes clothing for men and women.

ABCThe host was very casual, as he wore a t-shirt and shorts[/caption]

ABCHe also shared clips from his time in the airport with viewers[/caption]

InstagramMichael reported in front of a beautiful sunset and the famous Moai statues[/caption]

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