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GMA’s Ginger Zee warns viewers as she delivers ‘severe’ and ‘damaging’ news live from streets of NYC

GMA’s Ginger Zee warns viewers as she delivers ‘severe’ and ‘damaging’ news live from streets of NYC

GOOD Morning America’s Ginger Zee has warned viewers about the ‘severe’ weather heading to New York City.

The 42-year-old meteorologist appeared to be reporting live from Times Square in Manhattan during Monday’s show as she predicted snow and ‘damaging’ wind.

ABCGood Morning America’s Ginger Zee has warned viewers about the ‘severe’ weather heading to New York City[/caption]

ABCGMA host Robin Roberts introduced Ginger and the weather segment regarding a ‘massive storm’[/caption]

As GMA host Robin Roberts introduced the weather segment, she said: “Let’s bring in Ginger with the forecast and what has been a rare event this winter, snow actually in the northeast, good morning Ginge.”

Mom-of-two Ginger dressed appropriately for the lower temperatures and wore a deep purple winter coat, which matched the blouse she was wearing.

However, it clearly wasn’t too cold for the weather presenter as she wasn’t wearing a scarf or gloves.

She began her forecast: “Remember in New York City, we’ve only had point four inches of snow the entire season Robin, good morning to you.

“We are going to get some snow tonight and as are so many people that have been in this ridiculously mild winter.”

She continued: “That same storm that blasted through California, moved through Oklahoma, now has made its way into the great lakes and you’re going to see severe weather with that through the later morning hours and early afternoon, damaging wind anywhere there.

“As it moves here tonight, it will start with this heavy burst of snow really, from say northern New Jersey up through Manhattan into the suburbs, and here’s how it’s gonna go…

“That line is gonna be a quick cut off so Princeton New Jersey could get very little and then you could have something like Westchester getting heavy, three to five inches of snow, right in the middle you could have some sleet mixing in as well, but hey, a little winter for ya!” Ginger added.

She also posted a video on Instagram and spoke about a “super dynamic week ahead.”

The clip began with Ginger standing in the studio in her purple attire as she grinned and posed with her hands on her hips.

It then cut to footage of Ginger’s live broadcast from outside regarding the “massive storm on the move.”

Ginger’s Instagram followers were loving her latest look and took to the comment section to compliment her.

“The purple ensemble looks great on you!” one person said.

Another wrote: “Purple looks good on you,” while a third commented: “Pretty lady. Love you on GMA.”

“Ginger you always look FABULOUS!” a fourth person declared, while someone else added: “So cute love this look.”

A different person wrote: “You always look so good,” and another said: “Wow. I never comment on anything ever. But that hair.”


There’s been plenty of focus on Ginger’s hairdo ever since she debuted her bangs back in January.

As well as receiving lots of compliments, Ginger has also been sent some nasty comments about her fringe, with one person telling her her haircut was “ugly.”

However, Ginger loves to call out the trolls and often replies and rips them on Twitter.

At the beginning of February, one troll tweeted: “@Ginger_Zee loose the new hair doo, your a pretty woman but that doesn’t look good at all (sic).”

Choosing not to ignore the negative message, Ginger replied on Twitter and wrote: “Thanks for your opinion Gary. The great part about it is I like it and so do lots of other folks.

“And it’s hair. It changes and grows, falls out & grays… it doesn’t define who we are. It also doesn’t change my ability to communicate my science. Have a great day!” she added.

Ginger’s fans were quick to show their support and replied to her tweet.

“Not sure what he said but let me be clear…whatever u decide, your beauty and kindness always shines through!” one person said.

Another wrote: “Don’t listen to Gary! Your bangs are super cute!” and a third commented: “I was inspired by you to cut my own bangs! Yikes ! It’s definitely a look… You pull it off beautifully though!”

A fourth person added: “Girl, you’re beautiful, period. And what makes you even more beautiful is your kind soul. Trolls will always be trolls, keep doing you!”

ABCThe mom-of-two told viewers that there was going to be ‘damaging wind’[/caption]

Instagram/@msmerylinGinger looked sensational in tailored purple trousers and a matching blouse[/caption]

InstagramGinger has been clapping back at trolls in recent weeks who have criticized her hairdo since she debuted her bangs[/caption]

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