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Family Feud host Steve Harvey snaps at contestant after ‘hilariously confident’ incorrect guess

Family Feud host Steve Harvey snaps at contestant after ‘hilariously confident’ incorrect guess

STEVE Harvey was left visibly fuming when a Family Feud contestant celebrated an incorrect guess too soon.

Angela burst into a dance feeling so great about her wrong answer that the longtime game show figure put his foot down and then some.

NBCAngela danced while guessing ‘a woman hides the purchases from her husband’ at: ‘Her friend’s house!’[/caption]

NBCSteve Harvey repeated: ‘Her friend’s house!’ looking furious[/caption]

Steve, 66, read the prompt to Family Feud contestant Angela with two strikes already on the board.

“When a woman goes on a shopping spree, where does she hide the purchases from her husband?”

Angela, feeling herself, guessed: “Sometimes she takes it over to her friend’s house!”

“Woo!” Angela added busting into a celebratory dance.

“Her friend’s house, her friend’s house!” she repeated turning her guess into a song and gyrating her body as the audience went wild.

Steve looked pressed and yelled back at her with a furious expression: “Over at her friend’s house!”

The dreaded third red X appeared with the incorrect buzzer sound to wrap it all up.


Family Feud shared the clip on Instagram where fans lost it over Angela’s confidence and Steve’s impatience with her.

“She was so confident” one user commented with cry-laughing emojis.

“This is so satisfying” wrote another.

“Steve did her bad” wrote a thid.

“Hahahahaha I’m crying” a fourth wrote as someone else wrote “this is gold” and a sixth defended: “It should’ve been a good answer!”

One more wrote: “Can’t really believe she failed that after so much confidence.”


Steve was recently left staring at the camera after a contestant made the “suckiest” guess the host had ever heard.

Dirk was prompted to: “Name a person, a man, who you would not want to know uses Viagra.”

“I would say the president of the United States,” Dirk confidently guessed as his family clapped.

The decisive “X” appeared on the screen and the camera cut to Steve who looked beside himself.

“That was, by far the suckiest answer I’ve heard since I’ve been the host,” he roasted.

The game show reshared the stretch of a guess to Instagram and added the National Anthem as backing music as a hilarious bonus touch.

One user wrote: “The fact that they started playing the anthem in the background killed me.”

Another reasoned: “His best friend, brother /siblings, parents, boss, coworkers…. Heck your neighbors would have been a better answer.”

“Poor thing, maybe he was nervous!” defended a third on the presidential pick from Dirk.

“Steve’s face in the end” wrote a fourth.

NBCEven though Angela was wrong fans loved her confidence and wrote on Instagram ‘this is gold’[/caption]

Instagram / Family FeudRecently, Dirk offered what the longtime host called the ‘suckiest answer he’s ever heard’[/caption]

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