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The View’s Sunny Hostin reveals devastating loss and admits she ‘feels empty’ as co-hosts send support

The View’s Sunny Hostin reveals devastating loss and admits she ‘feels empty’ as co-hosts send support

THE View’s Sunny Hostin has been left feeling a ‘bit empty’ after suffering a devastating loss over the weekend.

Sunny, 54, took to Instagram on Sunday and revealed that her dog Marley sadly passed away on Saturday.

ABCThe View’s Sunny Hostin has been left feeling a ‘bit empty’ after suffering a devastating loss over the weekend[/caption]

Instagram/ sunnySunny confirmed that her dog Marley sadly passed away at the age of 16[/caption]

Posting a few photos of her beloved pooch, the mom of two wrote: “We lost our Marley on 2/25 at about 1:15pm. 16 yrs old.

“He was suffering. He could not see or hear any longer but he could smell and took one last sniff and all of our kisses and transitioned to meet his twin brother Rex who we lost 3yrs ago.

“I feel a bit empty but I know he crossed that Rainbow bridge with Rex, Madison and all his friends waiting for him,” she added.

Sunny’s co-stars were quick to comment and send their condolences.

Sara Haines wrote: “I’m so sorry Sunny. But Trixie and Peter will also take good care of her.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin commented: “Aww I’m so sorry, Sunny. Take comfort knowing he’s at peace & reunited with his friends.”

Referring to her own dog, Ana Navarro added: “Will bring chacha tomorrow so she can love on you.”

One fan wrote: “Sorry for your loss,” while another said: “So sorry, Sunny. This must hurt a lot.”

Someone else commented: “aww Sunny so sorry, he lived a happy & loved life for sure,” while a different fan added: “So very sorry. I know how bad it hurts.”

Sunny’s sad news comes just days after she shared a cheeky moment with Joy Behar on The View.

During last Thursday’s episode of the ABC program, Joy began a discussion about sex scenes in movies as she was leading the panel in Whoopi Goldberg‘s absence.

“You know, a lot of romantic movies have had at least one really hot sex scene that people looked forward to, right?” Joy began as Sara giggled beside her.


Off camera, Sunny could be heard saying under her breath: “I don’t know,” but Joy was having none of it.

“Don’t act coy Sunny, you know you watch it!” she blurted out as the camera panned to Sunny.

Looking rather unimpressed, Sunny mouthed: “I do, I do,” as the live studio audience laughed.

Joy continued: “But steamy scenes in films like Unfaithful, one of the best soft porn movies you will ever see, could be a thing of the past.

“According to a new article in The Atlantic, the sex scene is dead. Now I don’t know which movies this writer’s watching, I mean but Bridgerton has more sex scenes than The Devil and Miss Jones.”

The panel then had a giggle about seasons one and two of the Netflix series Bridgerton, before airing their views on sex scenes.

“In the old days, they used to imply sex scenes,” Joy explained, before asking: “How many of you have you seen the movie From Here to Eternity?”

“I want you to show me! I don’t want to use my imagination!” Sunny admitted as she started talking about Bridgerton again.

Singling out Sunny again, Joy mocked Sunny’s adult novels and said: “She has sexy scenes in all those Bluff books of hers! She’s not bluffing either!”

Sunny then poked fun at the 80-year-old star for not being a fan of the show.

Joy disagreed with Sunny and said: “I don’t need Swedish movies with missing body parts.”

Before cutting to a commercial, Joy argued men should learn about sex “from movies. Look up the word foreplay, you guys!”

Instagram/ sunnyThe TV star also shared a sweet photo of Marley with his twin brother Rex[/caption]

Instagram/@sunnyNo doubt Sunny’s two children and her husband Emmanuel are all feeling the loss deeply[/caption]

ABCSunny admitted that her dog had been ‘suffering’ before his death[/caption]

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