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The View’s Joy Behar throws major jab at co-host Sara Haines’ skills in the bedroom in jaw-dropping comment

The View’s Joy Behar throws major jab at co-host Sara Haines’ skills in the bedroom in jaw-dropping comment

THE View host Joy Behar had thrown a jaw-dropping jab at her co-host, Sara Haines, on live TV.

She insulted her bedroom skills and left everyone speechless.

ABCJoy Behar threw a major jab at her View co-host, Sara Haines, on Friday’s show[/caption]

ABCShe insulted Sara’s bedroom skills in a jaw-dropping moment[/caption]

On Friday’s show, The View panel talked discussed a variety of Hot Topics.

When the show came back from commercial at one point, Joy led them into the next segment.

“Well, here’s some good news for people who hate to work out. Sex may count as exercise,” she said.

She continued: “According to an article in the Washington Post, researchers found that sexual activity gets the heart rate going and can burn up to 130 calories.”

After Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin gave their input and what they could eliminate if they have sex twice a day, Sara spoke up.

“It’s not like equal work either,” she said, looking at Joy.

“I’m pretty sure Max‘s fitness tracker spikes more than I do. I’m more of a receiver than a giver.”

Her co-hosts laughed as Joy delivered a shocking jab.

“What she’s saying is you’ll burn calories if you just lay there,” Joy joked.

Sara came to her own defense and said: “I did not say I am a dead fish. What I said was that he is definitely sweating and has worked out. I look lovely.”


This is not the first time Joy and Sara have discussed their sex life on TV.

Earlier this month, Sara begged Joy for some adult video recommendations in an awkward moment.

During a conversation that surrounded sex and relationships on an episode, she asked her co-host to give her the low-down on X-rated viewing.

They talked about sex, marriage, and how women get “in the mood.”

Sara dominated the repartee, expressing that though she and her husband have been married for a while, sex is still an “emotional” thing for her.

The 45-year-old explained that her turn-offs included getting “a call from her mom” or “hearing” her “kids scream.”

“…There are times where I say, ‘if we do not have me in the right mindset, you’re not gonna get an equal partner in this situation,’ Sara said.

Her 51-year-old co-host Ana Navarro and 33-year-old co-chair Alyssa both chimed in, the latter co-signed Sara’s point of view.

“…Women need a little more time to get in the mood, at least in my experience…,” Alyssa stated.

The 80-year-old host provided some wisdom for the younger bunch, adding that if couples “scheduled” sexy time, they’d have time to “warm” themselves up by doing a solo “foreplay session.”

Wanting to know more, Sunny, 54, asked Joy: “How would you schedule that?”


Joy responded in detail: “You say…’ Friday night at 8’oclock we’re gonna do it…’ so at 7’oclock you watch a porn movie, you read a book, and now you’re ready.”

She continued: “You don’t have to get porn exactly; there’s soft porn all over Netflix and Prime and everything else.”

With a hint of judgment, Sara curiously asked: “What’s your go-to soft porn?”

Joy didn’t reveal her favorite soft porn film on-air; however, she told Sara she could “tell” her “some movies.”

Sara admitted she’d be open to them since she “needed” to “hear” some options.

ABCThe View panel discussed that having sex could help burn calories if someone didn’t want to work out[/caption]

ABCAfter Sara gave her input, Joy joked that she ‘lays there like a dead fish’[/caption]

GettySara has been married to Max Shifrin since 2014[/caption]

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