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North West’s siblings screech in the background of 9-year-old’s new TikTok as mom Kim Kardashian enjoys trip to Milan

North West’s siblings screech in the background of 9-year-old’s new TikTok as mom Kim Kardashian enjoys trip to Milan

NORTH West and her siblings have gone wild in a new TikTok video as their mom travels abroad for Milan Fashion Week.

The Kardashians star has been hitting the red carpet for Dolce & Gabbana all week in Italian couture.

TikTok/kimandnorthNorth West posted a video while making pasta with a friend[/caption]

TikTok/kimandnorthShe was disturbed by her siblings making loud noises in the background[/caption]

GettyMeanwhile, mom Kim has been in Milan for fashion week[/caption]

Meanwhile, her kids, North, nine, Saint, seven, Chicago, five, and Psalm, three are back at home at their Hidden Hills, California mansion.

The eldest of the crew took to her TikTok profile on Sunday, which she shares with mom Kim, 42, to share a chaotic video as she played with a friend.

North wore an oversized gray sweatshirt with her hair in long pink braids.

She and her blonde buddy told the camera: “Today, we’re making homemade pasta!

“First step, put on lipgloss,” they instructed, applying a sparkly pink gloss with their own individual bottles.

The girls then proceeded to create pasta with flour and olive oil, smearing it all over their hands and face in the process.

They cracked an egg into the mixture, struggling to keep it contained in the flour.

All of the sudden, North’s three younger siblings could be heard shouting in the background.

She gave the group a side eye and laughed at their loud disturbance during her recipe.

The two girls then continued to mix the egg into the flour as it became lumpier over time.

The mess continued to grow as flour hit all the countertops and covered their clothing.

North and her friend cracked another egg and started singing a song together as they added to the pasta mixture.

They told fans: “Go to part two when the video ends.”


The wild clip came as Kim attends fashion week in Milan with Dolce & Gabbana.

The reality star has been spotted in several couture outfits from the high-end brand as she represents them as a spokesmodel.

However, fans noticed something awry with the TV personality’s face in some of the photos from the red carpet shows.

Many believe that Kim has undergone a secret surgery as they claim she looks “unrecognizable” in some of her looks.

Several snaps, that were turned into a Reels video on the Instagram account Problematic Fame, show the Hulu star in a skintight leather snake-skinned dress at the event paired next to older photos.


The video was shared on a Reddit board dedicated to the famous family.

Fans speculated that the side-by-side pictures prove that the mom of four secretly underwent major plastic surgery.

One commenter wrote: “She’s lost a crazy amount of weight recently, which can ‘age’ you as fat in the face can give a more youthful appearance. My guess is she got a bit of a sallow look from the dramatic weight loss and overcorrected with fillers.”

Another answered: “That’s why I don’t understand everyone having their buccal fat removed lately, are aged faces in!?”

“It is actually unbelievable how different she looks now. What the h*** did her surgeon do recently?!” scathed one fan.


The Kardashians star stepped out at another Dolce & Gabbana event rocking a tiny sparkly red bra top and matching skirt that reached her ankles.

Her long dark hair hung loose around her shoulders during the event and she appeared to have bangs, a style she hasn’t donned in some time.

Close-ups from the star-studded event showed Kim seemingly sporting a slimmer nose and more rounded cheeks.

One person pleaded: “Kim you are beautiful! Please stop doing stuff to your face! It’s done. It’s only gonna get worse from here. Wait ’til you’re 60 and maybe get a life like the rest of us.”

Someone else speculated: “That’s a fresh nose,” while another wrote, “Nose job, I’m sure of it.”

A fourth commenter reacted: “It looks like she’s done something to her cheeks.”

SplashFans accused Kim of getting secret plastic surgery[/caption]

The Mega AgencyThey claimed her face looked ‘unrecognizable’ at the D&G show[/caption]

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