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Little People’s Audrey and Jeremy Roloff make ‘sad’ confession as fans blast couple for ‘horrible’ decision

Little People’s Audrey and Jeremy Roloff make ‘sad’ confession as fans blast couple for ‘horrible’ decision

LITTLE People stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are facing backlash after sharing a ‘sad’ confession with their fans.

The TLC stars dropped a pretty penny to renovate their new farmhouse and now they’re expanding even more.

Instagram/jeremyroloffLittle People star Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey shared a ‘sad’ confession with fans[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffThe couple purchased several baby chickens but lost some in transport[/caption]

Jeremy, 32, took to his Instagram Story over the weekend to introduce fans to new additions to their family: a bunch of baby chickens they’d just received.

He shared a sweet video of the tiny birds chirping away, with many taking shelter under a piece of plastic.

The LPBW star also shared some sad news with fans.

He revealed that the chicks were delivered to their property via mail and, unfortunately, they didn’t all make it alive.

Jeremy wrote on his Story: “Chickens finally came.

“Four of them didn’t make the journey. Going to grab a couple here locally.”

He then shared a video of his daughter Ember sitting in the pen with the chicks.

Grabs from his Instagram Story were posted to an LPBW-themed message board where critics reacted to the decision.

Many slammed Jeremy and his wife Audrey Roloff, though she did not appear in his Instagram Story posts.

Several commenters noted the unusual timing of the chicks addition to the family, as Jeremy, Audrey, and their kids Ember, Bode, and Radley are headed to Disneyland.

“I am just wondering why they had the chicks delivered the DAY before they leave for a trip to Disneyland……,” one commenter wrote.

Another commented: “they’re idiots for getting chicks right before vacation unless they have someone coming multiple times a day to check on them. They’ll come home to dead chicks.”

A third critic commented: “Who orders and receives delivery of chicks and then leaves on vacation?”

Someone else simply wrote: “A lot [of] people use a catalog to order fancy chickens. It seems horrible for the chickens.”


Audrey appeared unbothered by the backlash over the chickens.

She gave fans a glimpse inside her Oregon farmhouse as she prepared to head to Disneyland with her husband and kids.

Audrey took to her Instagram to vent about packing to take her family of five to the theme park. 

She asked her audience: “Does anyone else feel they have to do all of the laundry that they own before packing to leave for a trip?

“I just need everything to be available to me.”

She also asked her fans if they knew whether her stroller would be allowed inside Disneyland.

Later, she returned to Instagram to share a clip revealing the contents of her messy room. 

She showed off her open suitcase with her clothes sprawled all over her bedroom floor. 

Jeremy was in the background packing his own belongings. 

She captioned the clip: “The up late packing vortex.”


Audrey is no stranger to critiques and no stranger to hitting back.

While she has not addressed the chicken drama, she has been busy preparing for vacation and clapping back at trolls over other online issues.

Shortly after the star shared an Instagram Story video showing the moment her kids learned that they would be going to Disneyland, she found herself taking major heat from critics.

She then shared an Instagram Reel featuring footage of her family’s big news and a screenshot of people slamming her in the comments.

The comment read: “How can a Christian go to Disney? Pls protect your children.”

Audrey captioned the post: “Comments on my reel like this.”

She also took the time to respond to various supportive comments on the initial post with laughing emojis.

One read: “I wonder what everyone who is complaining about woke Disney uses for a phone. Surely not Apple. And no shopping at Amazon or Target. Forget about stopping to get Starbucks too.”

Another sarcastic follower commented: “How dare you Auj. Taking your kids to Disney… you might as well listen to all these people and cancel your trip.”

A further comment Audrey gave her nod of approval to read: “PEOPLE BE PRESSED. GREAT JOB ROLOFF FAMILY Y’ALL FUN.”

While recent comments have accused the star’s plans as “anti-Christian,” initial criticism also came from those who thought Audrey was copying her sister-in-law Tori.

People quickly pointed out that her husband’s brother Zach had just been, suggesting Audrey and Jeremy were just copying their family.

“Wow, Zach and Tori just went…” one person noted.

Another added: “Wondered why they just all of sudden (are) now telling the kids they are going to Disneyland, when Zach and Tori just went weeks ago?

“Funny how that happens.”

Instagram/jeremyroloffFans slammed the decision to get the bird before a big family trip[/caption]

InstagramJeremy and Audrey are preparing to head to Disneyland with their kids[/caption]

Instagram / Audrey RoloffThey shared footage announcing the news to their children and were slammed again[/caption]

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