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Duggar fans claim Justin and wife Claire Spivey broke major family rule on second wedding anniversary

Duggar fans claim Justin and wife Claire Spivey broke major family rule on second wedding anniversary

DUGGAR fans have grown convinced that Justin and his wife Claire Spivey broke a major family rule.

The couple has had fans waiting on bated breath for the announcement that they are expecting a child together.

Toby CanhamDuggar fans speculate that one of Jim Bob’s kids broke a big rule[/caption]

Instagram @hilaryspiveySeveral fans have noted that Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey still have no children[/caption]

In fact, Duggar fans are stunned that the duo still hasn’t revealed a pregnancy.

Many of the older Duggar kids married and immediately got to work building families not unlike the massive one they were raised in.

At just 20, Justin is one of the younger members of the family to go off and marry.

Still, fans suspect an announcement is imminent.

In the meanwhile, however, it appears he and Claire, 21, are enjoying their time together.

The pair have been largely quiet on social media, with Claire’s most recent post coming in September 2022.

She did not resurface to celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary.

Likewise, Justin hasn’t posted since January when he announced that he and Claire had been working on refinishing an RV together.


That didn’t stop fans from weighing in on a Duggar message board, sharing their thoughts on the couple not having kids two years into their marriage and the reason they may be holding off.

One fan speculated: “Maybe they’re the smart ones who are using birth control and not having kids until they’re ready.”

Another suggested: “I think they’re using condoms.”

The Duggar family does not believe in the use of contraceptives.

Someone else wrote simply: “Hopefully they are child-free by choice and will continue to be so. I’d love to see them get an adult life with more independence, but I know I’m barking up the wrong tree with that.”

Other commenters seized the opportunity to speculate about what was to come for the young couple.

One commenter inquired: “They’ve had the longest marriage without a pregnancy (that were aware of) right?”

Another speculated: “Claire’s going to start pushing for a baby because her mom probably wants them to.”

A third commenter wrote: “Surprised they haven’t popped out a baby.”


Fans have been eager for a baby announcement from Justin and Claire for some time now.

In 2021, Duggar supporters speculated that the duo would share some exciting news over the Thanksgiving holiday.

At the time, the couple had announced plans to share a big announcement during the holidays.

Fans took to Reddit to take guesses about what it might be, with baby news leading the poll.

One user commented: “Justin and Claire [will announce] ‘A turkey isn’t the only thing in the over!’”

Others suggested that the timing of the announcement made sense and would be a welcome respite from Justin’s older brother Josh’s April 2021 arrest for two counts of child pornography.

“I don’t know if they will announce something over Thanksgiving, more like just after, also to distract from the trial,” one person speculated. “I feel like another pregnancy now, given Josh, could cause even more bad publicity.”

One fan wrote at the time: “If they tell Claire not to announce because it might be bad publicity, I would die laughing.

“Poor girl, lol, she got cheated out of being “famous”, having a tv wedding, and now cheated out of a pregnancy announcement.”

Since Justin and Clair tied the knot, several other Duggars have announced pregnancies.

Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her third child, while Jed Duggar and his wife Katie have welcomed one child and are already pregnant with another.

Jessa Duggar just revealed that she lost a child.

YouTube/FollowtheForsythsSome suggest they’re using contraceptives but that practice is banned by the family[/caption]

Joy4site/InstagramJoy-Anna Duggar and several other family members have since announced pregnancies[/caption]

Instagram/@jessaseewaldMeanwhile, Jessa Duggar announced that she lost a baby[/caption]

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