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Today host reveals uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction while reporting live on air as he jokes the ‘tradition lives on’

Today host reveals uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction while reporting live on air as he jokes the ‘tradition lives on’

SAM Brock has taken one for the team as he kept a beloved Today tradition alive.

The NBC correspondent dressed down for a live report.

NBCSam Brock paid tribute to a former colleague[/caption]

NBCThe NBC reporter worked in shorts, just like former journalist Kerry Sanders[/caption]

Earlier this week, Sam was reporting from Miami Beach, as Florida endured some hot temperatures.

Hot enough for Sam to do his Today report in shorts, which he wore as he waded in the water.

There was a very specific reason Sam decided to go casual.

“You might be able to tell, I’m wearing wet shorts at the moment,” he said at the end of his live hit, walking into the shallow ocean water.

“This is for you Kerry, the tradition lives on.”

The Kerry in question was former NBC News Correspondent Kerry Sanders, who never shied from getting his hands, and feet, wet to deliver a story.

The morning show tweeted out a clip of the spontaneous tribute, explaining: “@SamBrockNBC is wearing shorts while reporting from Florida, just like Kerry Sanders used to before retiring.”

Back in the New York studio, Savannah Guthrie told Sam Kerry is “proud” of him.

Online, fans shared their envy.

“@SamBrockNBC making lots of people jealous with his report this morning,” one person tweeted.

Another added: “It’s 19° degrees with wind chills near zero here in Eastern Washington. Sam, you want to trade places with me? You’re a very lucky man.”

While one fan simply noted: “Those are the longest shorts in the history of shorts.”


Kerry Sanders was regularly seen on Today, before retiring earlier this year.

He first joined NBC in 1991 with NBC Miami affiliate WTVJ.

He then appeared on Today, NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, and Dateline NBC.

During his 32-year tenure with the network, his work took him to all 50 states, all seven continents, and 65 countries.

He won multiple Emmy awards, a Peabody award, and a Columbia DuPont Award for his work.

Sanders ultimately traveled more than 200 days of the year, leaving his wife Deborah alone.

He shared on the January 17, 2023 broadcast of Today that she: “Has been an amazing supporter. But we kind of sat and said, ‘This might be the right time.’”


Savannah got emotional when wishing her colleague a farewell last month.

She said: “A little more home time is good. We know she misses you, but we are going to miss you, Kerry.”

“I mean, not only can you do any kind of story,” Savannah added, “You’re also an incredible reporter.”

“So smart. You’ve helped me so many times, too many times to count.”

At the end of Kerry’s farewell segment, Al Roker echoed her sentiment, saying he will miss Kerry’s “wit, grace, curiosity, honesty, and versatility.”

Al added: “Truly one of a kind. Here’s to the next chapter for you and your dear wife Deborah.”

The 68-year-old weatherman shared a series of touching snaps that captured him warmly embracing the retiring reporter.

Viewers were treated to an emotional segment on the show where the hosts paid tribute to Sanders.

Addressing the reporter, Al said: “I hope some college is smart enough to hire you as a professor to pass on everything that you learned.”

Instagram/@sambrocktvSam reports from Florida[/caption]

Kerry Sanders was never afraid of diving into a storyFriends and colleagues shared an emotional farewell with Kerry in January

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