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The View’s Ana Navarro admits she’s been ‘partying for five days’ in shocking video as concerned fans beg star to ‘rest’

The View’s Ana Navarro admits she’s been ‘partying for five days’ in shocking video as concerned fans beg star to ‘rest’

THE VIEW host Ana Navarro has proclaimed she’s going to “sleep all next week” after partying it up.

The talk show host has been spending time at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, and has been partying nonstop.

The View’s Ana Navarro shared photos and a video from her recent adventures at the South Beach Wine and Food FestivalInstagram/ananavarroflShe admitted she had been partying for five days straight but was exhaustedInstagram/ananavarrofl

She took some time out from her schedule to share a video and photos from her time at the festival with fans.

Her Instagram caption read: “Sweet Jesus. I’m running on fumes. One more day to go and then I’m taking a sabbatical from partying. PS- I got up and went to Day 4”

In the accompanying video, a tired Ana, wearing a pair of large sunglasses, spoke to the camera while walking her dog.

She said: “This is the face of a 51-year-old woman who has been partying since Wednesday night.”

She called her dog back to her and continued.

“Goodness gracious. There’s 91 events so far for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival and I swear to God I think I’ve been at 80 of them.

“But today is one of my favorite events. Today is the drag brunch. And since Ron DeSantis is against drag brunches there ain’t a drag brunch I plan to miss.”

She wore a sassy grin as she kept going: “Today’s is hosted by Athena Dion, who I adore, so I’ve gotta go get myself put together, because you know, you don’t show up at a drag brunch wearing just any old thing.”

After looking around for a moment and taking a second, Ana kept walking and talking.

“But I swear to God. After today, I’m gonna sleep all of next week. I’m gonna work, and I’m gonna sleep. I’m not gonna go out once. I promise.”

While many fans supported Ana and her fun schedule, others wanted to make sure she was taking care of herself.

One wrote: “Be sure to take some time out and SLEEP!”

Another commented: “Seriously I get so tired when I go out. Tired as heck. Sweet Jesus is right! Love listening to you Ana! Rest up!”

A third wrote: “Take a deep breath, hydrate, and you’ll be all set!”

Another shared: “Hey Ana, take care of yourself first. We need you and we don’t want you to burn out.”


Meanwhile, Ana was caught having an off-camera ‘fight’ with Joy Behar during a commercial break on The View, The U.S. Sun has exclusively learned.

Tension among The View co-hosts was apparent both on and off camera during Friday morning’s taping.

It all began when the first Hot Topic of the day was brought up – the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh.

Both Ana, 51, and the moderator of the day, Joy Behar, 80 – since Whoopi Goldberg has been out sick – expressed their disinterest in the high-profile trial.

However, the others – Sara HainesSunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin – weighed in with their opinions.

As Sunny, 54, was sharing her commentary, Ana didn’t even look her in the eye, despite sitting right next to the TV journalist.

She even remarked that she’d rather watch a trial on Donald Trump.

The awkwardness carried through into the commercial break,” an eyewitness told The U.S. Sun.

“Ana went straight to her phone. She was sitting in silence, not communicating with the other co-hosts.

“She was more into her phone during at least two breaks, and even concealed her phone underneath the table at one point as if she was talking about the hosts!”


At another point during the show, Ana seemed to be annoyed at Sara, 45, for constantly talking over the other hosts.

As Joy was sharing her thoughts on the topic of a TikToker evaluating her boyfriend – the comedian suggested “reversing roles” – Sara cut her off, causing Ana to snap and telling Sara to let Joy finish speaking.

Off camera, Joy appeared to not be happy with Ana’s behavior on set and they got into a “heated argument.”

“Ana and Joy were seen arguing during the break right after that had happened,” the eyewitness claimed.

“It was unclear what they were arguing about but it looked like Joy was yelling at her about something that had just happened.

“They both looked serious. Joy was using hand motions and going on and on.

“The conversation didn’t stop until the producer counted down the time to return to live TV.”


The outspoken star’s tension with the hosts continued in another segment during the break.

Feeling under the weather, Sara coughed on air. Ana snarked, “that’s nice,” causing the audience to laugh.

Although a funny on-camera moment, once The View went to break, Sara had a “cough attack,” according to the eyewitness and got up to cough away from the other hosts.

“Ana looked so disgusted! She gave her a stern look like she couldn’t believe she came to work with a cough,” the eyewitness told The U.S. Sun.

“You couldn’t help but feel bad for Sara. She tried her best to not cough on camera and was holding it in.

“She drank a lot of water and had cough drops during break, but that didn’t seem to be enough for Ana.”


This isn’t the first time co-hosts had gone at it with each other.

In an episode that aired earlier this month, Joy had snapped at Ana.

During the ABC show, the panel was discussing polite and impolite behaviors when Alyssa, 33, spoke about whispering in front of others.

“Maybe I’m nosy but Joy was whispering right before we came out and it made me want to listen even more,” she said.

Joy replied: “Who was I whispering to?” to which Alyssa responded: “You were whispering to Ana and I was like ‘I wanna know!’”

Ana then chimed in: “First of all, she doesn’t even know how to whisper.” Joy shot back: “I resent that!”

The longtime daytime talk host has been filling in for Whoopi this week as she’s battling a “bad virus.”

Joy shared with viewers that the show’s main host will be back next week.

Ana was most excited for the event during the dayInstagram/ananavarroflBut she promised she would no longer be partying the next weekInstagram/ananavarroflShe vowed simply to ‘work and sleep’ and not go anywhere at allInstagram/ananavarrofl

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