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Sister Wives fans suspect Kody Brown is courting new wife after he’s spotted with Robyn and another woman in Las Vegas

Sister Wives fans suspect Kody Brown is courting new wife after he’s spotted with Robyn and another woman in Las Vegas

SISTER Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted walking around a shopping center on a trip to Las Vegas.

The pair was spotted with another woman, and fans are wondering if Kody and Robyn could be scouting for a new wife to join the family.

Facebook/Becky McElhinneySister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted out in Las Vegas with another woman[/caption]

InstagramFans are wondering if Robyn and Kody are searching for a new wife to add to the family[/caption]

A sharp-eyed fan caught a snap of Kody and Robyn walking around the Vegas shopping center.

However, they weren’t alone: a blond wearing a crop top was walking beside them.

The picture has circulated on the internet, as fans are wondering if Kody and Robyn are scouting to expand the family.

In one thread, a fan asked: “Who’s the girl with Robyn and Kody?”

A second wondered: “Who’s the blond with them? Is he taking another wife?”

Yet a third speculated: “Is that a potential new date?”

A fourth added: “Ummm, so who is the blonde? Courting a new wife already?”

However, other fans believed they recognized the new woman.

One fan said: “Looks like Robyn’s sister or niece, maybe.”

Another contributed: “That’s Robyn’s sister who lives in the area.”


Robyn and Kody are moving on with new spouses as Kody’s ex-wife Christine Brown has already found a new partner, David Woolley.

However, fans are wondering if Christine is still holding up her polygamous relationship with David.

On Saturday, Christine took to her Instagram account to share a smiling selfie.

In the photo, she looked directly into the camera while wearing a sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse on it.

She revealed in the caption: “I’m loving visiting my grandkids in NC! Being an Oma is the best. I put this hoodie on though, and it reminds me of David Woolley!!! Miss you babe!”

Several fans took notice of a more subtle detail in the snap: a necklace around the Sister Wives star’s neck.

It appears to potentially contain a clue about the nature of Christine and David’s relationship, as the symbol on the chain around her neck is called an infinity heart and is a popular symbol among polyamorous people.

It is not, however, only beloved by polygamous people.

Several commenters reacted to the piece in the comments, with some simply questioning where it came from and others certain it’s a sign.

One fan blatantly asked: “Did you know your heart necklace is actually the symbol for polyamory? Just curious if you knew.”

“That’s a poly symbol. If it’s from David, she may not be in a monogamous relationship,” another claimed.

Someone added: “It’s definitely a polyamory symbol, but I can also see someone encountering it and thinking infinite love is so sweet and picking it up without being aware of the origin. That is a bit of a niche community.

Several others shared that they had the same question, but Christine did not reply.

“Love the necklace,” one fan commented simply.

Another commented: “… Love that necklace. I don’t suppose you’d share where you bought it?”


While fans are thrilled to see Christine happy and moving on following her split from Kody, her ex is struggling.

A source close to the star told The U.S. Sun that Kody isn’t loving all the lovey-dovey posts from his former wife.

They said: “He’s aggravated at it all, and all her posts. 

“It’s really getting to him, especially since fans keep tagging him and sending him the posts.”

The insider added: “He is avoiding social media at all costs.

“Kody believes it’s just Christine wanting attention. 

The insider told The U.S. Sun: “He doesn’t believe after all these years with him, she’s moved on so quickly, and is already in love with another man.

“He thinks it’s all B.S.”

Another source previously told the outlet that the mom-of-six loves “getting revenge” on her former husband.

“She’s trying to get revenge. She’s on this mission to reinvent herself all the while making Kody remember what he lost.”

Facebook/Becky McElhinneyHowever, other fans thought they identified the third party as Robyn’s sister[/caption]

Instagram/christine_brownswChristine has already moved on with a new partner after leaving the family[/caption]

TLCA source claimed Kody is jealous and hates Christine posting about her new relationship[/caption]

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