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Kim Kardashian fans find ‘scary’ unedited photo of star and fear she underwent major plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian fans find ‘scary’ unedited photo of star and fear she underwent major plastic surgery

KIM Kardashian has fans convinced that she secretly went under the knife after unedited photos of the star surfaced.

Rumors have long swirled that the Hulu star has had procedures on her face and her famous butt.

SplashKardashian fans have dug up a ‘scary’ unedited photo of Kim[/caption]

Instagram/@kimkardashianMany believe the snap is ‘proof’ that Kim underwent serious surgery[/caption]

Kardashian fans have uncovered a rare unedited snap of Kim, 42, at a Dolce and Gabbana event in Italy.

The snap was shared to a Reddit board dedicated to the famous family, with critics dubbing it as “scary.”

Several speculate that the pic proves that the mom of four secretly underwent major plastic surgery.

In the photo, Kim rocked a tiny cropped long-sleeve top with belt details across the chest.

She paired the top with a matching mini skirt that hugged her curves and featured the same belting along one side.

Her thin frame was on full display but it was not what fans were focused on.

One commenter wrote: “She doesn’t look bad … but her nose scares me.”

They added: “Nose and cheeks.”

Another commenter agreed: “It’s the overly filled cheeks that scare me.”

This isn’t the first time fans have speculated about nose and cheek procedures during Kim’s time in Italy.


The Kardashians star stepped out at another Dolce and Gabbana event rocking a tiny sparkly red bra top and matching skirt that reached her ankles.

Her long dark hair hung loose around her shoulders during the event and she appeared to have bangs – a style she hasn’t donned in some time.

Photos from the event were shared on a Kardashian message board where fans guessed about changes to her appearance.

Close-ups from the star-studded event showed Kim seemingly sporting a slimmer nose and more rounded cheeks.

Fans attributed the changes in the SKKN mogul’s appearance to plastic surgery, though that remains unconfirmed.

One person pleaded: “Kim you are beautiful! Please stop doing stuff to your face! It’s done. It’s only gonna get worse from here. Wait ’til you’re 60 and maybe get a life like the rest of us.”

Someone else speculated: “That’s a fresh nose,” while another wrote, “Nose job, I’m sure of it.”

A fourth commenter reacted: “It looks like she’s done something to her cheeks.”

Kim’s appearance has changed drastically through the years.


Fans have repeatedly wondered about alterations to her nose and butt specifically. 

Earlier this month, Kim shared photos from a trip to Boston, Massachusetts, where she was invited to speak at Harvard Business School.

The photos were shared on Reddit along with photos of her “old” face for comparison’s sake. 

In one pic, the TV personality posed in the back seat of a limo wearing a pinstripe suit and a tan Harvard baseball cap.

The hat covered all of her face, leaving just her nose and lips visible.

Kim’s nose did not appear drastically different but that did not stop fans from noticing subtle differences between the more recent snap and an older photo of her rocking Skims pieces.

The original user captioned their post: “I think Kim got a small rhinoplasty just to lift the tip of her nose and I think that’s the secret behind her new face…”

Others filled the comments with their own theories, with one writing: “How are their faces not permanently bruised from the constant tweaking?!”

“I feel like the photos they post are older than we think, as a way to avoid being seen with the healing process of their cosmetic surgeries. They could also photoshop out bruises and other things as well,” a second fan guessed.

“I think she’s definitely trying to correct the distance between her lip and her nose,” a user claimed.

Kim previously addressed plastic surgery rumors in an interview with Allure.

She alleged during the chat that she had never had filler in her lips or cheeks, admitting only to getting “a little bit of Botox” in her forehead.

She has denied ever having any other cosmetic surgeries.

GettyRumors have been swirling that she got a nose job and cheek filler[/caption]

GettyFans claim her nose looks slimmer and her cheeks more plump[/caption]

Instagram/Kim KardashianThe star has repeatedly denied going under the knife[/caption]

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