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Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings ‘insults’ fans’ wife after he offers ‘constructive criticism’ as viewer begs show to fire star

Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings ‘insults’ fans’ wife after he offers ‘constructive criticism’ as viewer begs show to fire star

JEOPARDY!’s Ken Jennings has tweeted an insult to a fan with a simple request instead of responding to their critique.

It all began when Jeopardy! alum Buzzy Cohen tweeted that he was less interested in a self-driving car than a “self-cleaning” car.

Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings tweeted a rude comment at a fan who reached out with constructive criticismABCWhen alum Buzzy Cohen tweeted a joke about self-cleaning cars, Ken wrote a couple of jokey repliesABC

Host and former contestant Ken Jennings replied to Buzzy’s tweet with a quip.

He wrote: “what’s up Erma Bombeck”, referring to the American humorist.

Buzzy replied “The oven can clean itself, why not the car?!”

A fan replied to the pair’s back-and-forth on Twitter with some criticism and a suggestion.

They wrote: “No offence Ken, but my wife would love Buzzy to host. I am glad to hear you’ll be back hosting 3/10, but I’ll have to hear her complain that you talk to fast making it difficult for her to understand. Help us out & slow it down a notch.”

Ken clapped back with a rude reply.

He wrote: “Never. But maybe Buzzy can come over to your house and attend to your wife?”

The fan was clearly hurt by Ken’s words but had a reply of their own to lob back.

They tweeted in kind: “I was just offering constructive criticism. But you insult my wife, Buzzy and me. Even a fool can appear wise when he keeps his mouth shut. @jeopardy should reconsider your future.”

There were no further replies, and Buzzy himself did not tweet back.


Meanwhile, some Jeopardy! fans have demanded that Ken actually be brought back to the show permanently.

There have been many complaints about Mayim Bialik and her “infuriating” habit.

After a few months off, Mayim, 47, has returned as the host of Jeopardy!.

She is currently running the three-week High School Reunion Tournament.

The actress is splitting hosting duties with Ken, 48, after they were named co-hosts after Alex Trebek‘s tragic death.

However, fans want only Ken to be the permanent host, as they say Mayim has an “infuriating habit.”

The 14-episode High School Reunion tournament only lasts through March 9, so the haters won’t have to deal with Mayim for much longer.

In an Instagram post for the tournament, many fans demanded the show should bring Ken back and get rid of Mayim.


“Bring back Ken as host,” wrote one fan.

“Mayim is very slow to react when answer is given,” said another.

To that, someone else replied: “I noticed this too. It’s really annoying me.”

“Does anyone know when Ken will be back?” asked another.

“Missing Ken,” commented one follower.

“Ken Ken Ken please,” said another annoyed fan.

One follower really dug into Mayim and said: “Please, PLEASE dump MB as host. She is woefully unsuited for that role. Her faked enthusiasm is painful to watch. And that wardrobe! She has RUINED Jeopardy!”

One last fan asked: “Why do you pause to say whether their answer is correct or not, @missmayim ???”


The “infuriating habit” that fans are talking about is that Mayim pauses before she says if the answer is correct or not.

Mayim takes her sweet time before saying “that is correct” – especially on a “Daily Double” like she did a few nights ago with student Avi Gupta and it’s impacting her cause, the contestants, and viewing enjoyment.

On Reddit, one fan earnestly asked: “Genuine serious question: why don’t people like Mayim as the host?”

Another user replied: “Her long pause after someone gives their Daily Double answer drives me insane.”

“‘………that’s correct,’” wrote a third imitating the TV presenter.

A fourth harshly accused: “With Mayim it sounds like I’m listening to a soundboard instead of an actual human being hosting a game show.”

And a fifth more gently put it: “Agreed, she can be rather stiff. It seems it took Ken some time to warm up and get comfortable, but she remains unnatural to me.”

Over on Twitter a fan wrote: “Mayim, no need to pause for dramatic effect before saying ‘That is correct.’”

A second penned: “Mayim hasn’t lost that annoying pause before saying yes or no.”

“Why does Mayim make those weird pauses when someone is right?” wondered a third.

And a fourth: “The pauses before she says yes/no are so bizarre. Makes me think I’ve accidentally hit the mute button over and over.”

“YES – that! Is she trying to infuse suspense? Big fail,” replied yet one more.

“Because she is not a natural all-around knowledge aficionado like Ken & Alex,” claimed a fifth thinking that Mayim is taking time to check her clue sheet to confirm the correct response each time.

“So the questions just [don’t] flow. I can’t watch now. And the way Mayim corrects or expands contestants answers drives me nuts! The tone is just so condescending.”

Others agreed she’s doing a “serviceable job” on Celebrity Jeopardy compared to the buzzer-fast regular show.

TwitterOne fan joined the conversation with some constructive criticism and noted their wife would like to see Buzzy host[/caption]

TwitterKen clapped back with a comment insinuating Buzzy would ‘attend’ to the fan’s wife[/caption]

The insulted fan was not happy with Ken’s insensitive remarkABC

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