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Whoopi Goldberg sarcastically insists she’s ‘not upset’ and tells View fans to ‘look at her smile’ in tense show moment

Whoopi Goldberg sarcastically insists she’s ‘not upset’ and tells View fans to ‘look at her smile’ in tense show moment

WHOOPI Goldberg has made the set of The View tense after the hosts discuss Oscar nominations.

During the episode on February 20, The View had Elizabeth Banks on as a guest.

ABCWhoopi Goldberg had a tense moment on a recent episode of The View[/caption]

ABCThe moment came when the co-hosts were discussing Oscar nominations[/caption]

She’s a well-known comedian linked to projects like Charlie’s Angels and Pitch Perfect, but she was brought on because she directed a new movie called Cocaine Bear.

The daytime television co-hosts and Elizabeth’s discussion transitioned into a serious conversation about the recent Oscar nominations.

Sunny Hostin said: “Zero women were nominated in the director category.”

Elizabeth goes on to say that she intentionally made Cocaine Bear with a lot of CGI because of the stereotype that women aren’t interested in the technological aspect of movies.

She said: “Breaking down the mythology that women either don’t wanna do that, aren’t interested in that, or can’t do it.

“There are still people who think women’s brains don’t do math.”

All of the women at the table laughed at how ridiculous that is, but Whoopi took the opportunity to talk about the Oscar nominations.

Whoopi said: “Just to be clear, there were several movies that were ignored that were directed by women, women of all colors.

“Just saying, with a smile on my face. I’m not upset.”

As she said that, she pointed directly at her face which showed a very large and sarcastic smile.


The 67-year-old recently revealed that she would be a guest star on an upcoming episode of the hit ABC series The Connors.

Deadline reported that the EGOT winner would portray the character Ms. Glen, a music teacher, in the upcoming episode.

She has “a complicated history with another member of the Conner family,” according to the publication.

While some fans online are not enthused about the legendary comedian’s cameo, there were some who defended her against the haters.

“Gotta love the folks who say the show has gone downhill and yet they’ve never watched an episode of the show…can’t wait to see Whoopi on the show,” one fan said.


In light of Whoopi’s absence because of filming and sickness,  Joy Behar took over as the show’s moderator.

Some fans have missed Whoopi’s presence on the show, but others are calling for a permanent Joy takeover.

One fan stated: “This show actually works just fine without Whoopi there if we being honest #theview”

Another commented: “Whoopi does that to everybody. She’s very intimidating.”

Finally, one viewer commented: “Joy needs to take over for good.”

GettyElizabeth Banks is the director of the new movie Cocaine Bear[/caption]

ABCThe Oscars didn’t nominate any female directors this year[/caption]

ABCSome fans want Joy to replace Whoopi as The View’s moderator[/caption]

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