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Original Barney actor David Joyner is now a tantric masseuse and heals clients through ‘sacred sex’

Original Barney actor David Joyner is now a tantric masseuse and heals clients through ‘sacred sex’

THE original Barney the purple dinosaur actor has found a new career as a tantric masseuse who can heal clients with “sacred sex.”

David Joyner, 59, was the man underneath the costume when Barney and Friends first hit TV screens back in 1992.

GettyActor David Joyner has disclosed his new career to The U.S. Sun years after he last played the popular purple T-Rex, Barney.[/caption]

AlamyJoyner was the man underneath the costume when Barney and Friends first hit TV screens back in 1992.[/caption]

Instagram/David JoynerThe former actor exclusively revealed to The U.S. Sun that his new business includes helping heal women who have suffered sexual trauma.[/caption]

Speaking after it was announced that the beloved T-Rex character is getting a 3D animation reboot, David revealed his surprising new career in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun.

Although he still acts, his other business these days is healing women who have suffered sexual trauma through tantric massage.

He also uses the technique – which can include full sex – to help women who have spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance.

Explaining how it works, he said: “I have four different levels of sessions.

“There’s an energy session with just reiki and qigong energy work.

“There’s also a level two, which is the tantric massage, a bathing ceremony, and chakra balancing.

“Then there’s a level three that has the tantric massage, bathing ceremony, chakra balancing, and a yoni and G-spot massage.

“A lot of times, the energy can be stored in the yoni, and you’re massaging that area to allow that energy to move.

“Of course, because you can’t get paid for massaging the yoni or G-spot, my fee doesn’t change if it’s level three or further.

“It’s all about making sure that the person knows this isn’t some type of sexual exchange, gigolo, or prostitution thing that’s going on.

“It’s really helping your energy move.

“When clients pay, they’re paying for the energy work, the meditation, and the normal massage.”

David says he is now so advanced with the technique that he is considered a spiritual sex worker.

He explained: “Sometimes I’m also considered a tantric daka, which is almost, in certain terms, a sex worker.

“But in tantra, you are a spiritual, sacred sex worker.

“A daka is a person who is able to heal through tantric, sacred sex.

“If a woman has been taken advantage of, it’s almost like teaching them how to drive a vehicle again.

“Or if someone has a major accident and they have to go through therapy.

“Only about one percent of my clients receive what I consider a full session as a tantric daka. That is level four.”

Asked how he decides who is in the one percent who receive the full service, David said: “Conversation, consultation, if they’ve been a client for a while and they’re ready to go to that next level.

“You also have to help the person understand the power of that energy, so it’s not something that you tread on lightly.”

Earlier this week, The U.S. Sun revealed how David is not a fan of the look of Barney’s new 3D animation reboot.

It came after many fans of the original series dragged the facelift toy giant Mattel has given Barney for the revamp.

David exclusively told The U.S. Sun: “I think the reboot being a 3D animated character is a great idea, although I’m not really happy with the way they portray Barney’s character and the way it looks.

“This is just my opinion from looking at the new character, it almost looks like a kid dinosaur.

“It doesn’t look like an adult Barney dinosaur.

“Maybe they’re going through the angle of Barney as a kid, doing little mischievous things and then growing up.

“I could be wrong, but that’s just my take.”

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