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Michelle Duggar busted breaking husband Jim Bob’s strict clothing rules as matriarch wears short skirt to public event

Michelle Duggar busted breaking husband Jim Bob’s strict clothing rules as matriarch wears short skirt to public event

MICHELLE Duggar has been spotted out in public wearing a short skirt revealing her ankles, breaking her husband’s strict conservative dress rules.

Counting On‘s Jim Bob requires his wife and all of his daughters to wear long, full-length skirts or dresses and modest tops.

TLCMichelle Duggar stepped out wearing a skirt revealing her ankles[/caption]

Toby CanhamThe outfit defied her husband Jim Bob’s strict and conservative dress code rules for the females in his family[/caption]

A fan spotted Michelle out in public wearing the scandalous skirt, which fell just above her ankles but still broke Jim Bob’s strict rules.

However, Michelle was careful to pair the skirt with sweatpants underneath.

The fan claimed the pictures was taken in Israel, and took to snap to an online fan forum.

One fan slammed Michelle’s style and posted: “She is always so frumpy. You can be stylish and modest.”

However, other fans thought they spotted other Duggars in the snap – including Jana.

One person asked: “Is that Jana to the left of the TV set, with a teal backpack on?”

Another said: “I’m 99% sure that’s Jana ahead of Michelle in line to the bathroom.”

The fan then added: “Jana seems really committed to wearing pants.”

Jana, along with several of her sisters, has chosen to break free of Jim Bob’s conservative dress rules and wear jeans and other tight and revealing clothing out in public.


Most recently, Jana broke the dress code by wearing pants while on vacation with her brother James in Rome.

In the YouTube vlog, she wore a simple black jacket with a brown leather backpack, along with blue skinny jeans and white sneakers.

In another moment, Jana was seen wearing tight black pants while in her hotel room.

Fans were surprised to see the elusive 33-year-old join her brother’s travels.

Jana is rarely spotted in public or at family events, and her parents Jim Bob and Michelle have discouraged their children from visiting metropolitan areas.

Some Counting On fans have even suggested that Jana should elongate her foreign stay.

One fan commented: “If I were Jana I would not get on the plane home.”

Another sarcastically posted: “Well, I didn’t have Jana overstaying the visa waiver program on my bingo card for this year, but sure, why not? Could be exciting!”

A third added: “I will fully support a Go Fund Me to keep Jana in Italy!”


Meanwhile, Jana’s sister Jinger defies Jim Bob’s rules more frequently, especially after releasing her new tell-all memoir, Becoming Free Indeed, about growing up in the conservative household.

The ex-TLC star’s husband Jeremy Vuolo shared a snapshot of Jinger wearing shorts on his Instagram Monday.

In the photo, the 19 Kids and Counting alum matched her mint green bottoms with a denim jacket and a pair of Fear of God California slides.

The former MLS player captioned the post: “A Monday afternoon date with the lady.”

Fans rushed to the post’s comment section to praise Jinger’s look as one person wrote: “Jinger has really blossomed since she first met you!

“I’m glad she [is] able to be herself and worship the way she wants to.”

A second fan commented: “Love her crossbody bag.”

Yet a third fan said: “Jinger looks so healthy, peaceful, and happy.”

A fifth stated: “Looking good, Jinger.”

NBC Newswire/NBCUniversal via GeMichelle was spotted out in public wearing a skirt that hit just above her ankles and a pair of sweatpants underneath[/caption]

GettyMichelle usually complies to the rules and wears a full length skirt and no pants when out in public[/caption]

Refer to CaptionHowever, several of Michelle’s daughters have chosen to break free of that strict dress code and often wear pants in public[/caption]

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