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Love Island’s Jessie Wynter issues warning to fans after her botched boob job

Love Island’s Jessie Wynter issues warning to fans after her botched boob job

LOVE Island star Jessie Wynter has issued a stern warning to fans who are considering plastic surgery, following her harrowing botched boob job.

The star, 25, who attracted viewer attention due to her rocky relationship with Will Young, 23, admitted to her fans on social media that she had surgery when she was younger – and it went wrong.

ITVJessie Wynter sent shock waves into Love Island[/caption]

InstagramJessie took a sexy snap of herself while on a beach in Australia[/caption]

Taking to Instagram before she joined Love Island, she revealed: “I did get a boob job when I was younger, and it was one of those nightmare ones that didn’t go to plan.”

She added: “I fortunately got it fixed. I’ve had a really great year actually, getting it fixed was fantastic. I hope people don’t call me fake and they can see past it.”

And while she is no stranger to male attention, she continued with her warning. During another interview she said: “I honestly wish I could go back and tell younger me, ‘Dude, don’t get a boob job, you’re fine the way you are’.”

She added: “They kind of shoved [the implants] in, didn’t structure it or anything and they were just really, really far apart. And they pretty much fell into my armpits.”

And while Jessie may have thought viewers would be focused on how much surgery she has had, it seems, she is being labelled as fake due to her relationship with famer Will.

Fans were left in shock and were cynical when Jessie revealed that she was falling in love with Will, after she found out he had cheated on her with Casa Amor stunner, Layla Al Momani.

At the time, Jessie was furious and kicked Will out of the bed. But days later when she agreed to talk to him to explain how she felt, she said: “I was going to tell you that I loved you.”

But fans were not buying it. One said: “Honestly tired of seeing Jessie cry but I ain’t seeing no damn tears,” one fan hit out, while another said: “Jessie keeps crying but I don’t think I’ve actually seen a single tear drop.”

Another added: “Jessie’s definitely milking it with the fake tears.”

Jessie grew close to Will before Casa AmorRexErotemeJessie moved away from fellow contestants to talk about shenanigans in the villa[/caption]

ErotemeThings were tense between Jessie and Will before Casa Amor[/caption]

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