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Little People’s Audrey and Jeremy Roloff ripped for pulling son Radley, 1, up snowy hill in wagon without seatbelt

Little People’s Audrey and Jeremy Roloff ripped for pulling son Radley, 1, up snowy hill in wagon without seatbelt

FANS have slammed Little People, Big World’s Audrey and Jeremy Roloff for their “really dangerous” parenting skills.

Audrey, 31, and Jeremy, 32, shared their playtime with their one-year-old infant in an Instagram Story.

Instagram/ audreyroloffJeremy Roloff pulled his son Radley up snowy hill[/caption]

Instagram/ audreyroloffFans claimed Radley’s wagon did not have a harness[/caption]

Instagram/@audreyroloffAudrey Roloff shared video of her son and husband having fun in the snow[/caption]

Radley was seated inside a red wagon with large chunks of wooden logs.

Audrey’s hubby pulled the wagon – along with the logs and child – up the snowy hill. 

While Jeremy’s wife gushed her “cutie boy,” viewers noticed the toddler did not have a seatbelt around his waist.


In an online thread, critics slammed the LPBW alums for “completely ignoring their child’s safety.”

One critic said: “Having the back of a wagon full of wood logs is probably not a good idea. And they didn’t even use a harness on the boy.”

Another critic added: “Where’s the lap buckle? Those wagons are supposed to have them.”

A third critic pointed out: “My son is the same age. I would never do this. It’s too dangerous. 

“Wet snow is a good way to break a wagon.”

A fourth person wrote: “I would have used some kind of belt.

“I honestly would not use it unless I needed to make sure the kids stayed IN the wagon.”

A commentator chimed in: “This is a very bad idea. Hopefully, the wagon is all that breaks from this little chore and that the kid comes out unscathed.”

The couple is the parents of their five-year-old daughter Ember, their two-year-old son, Bode, and their youngest son Radley.


This is not the first time that the TLC stars have felt the wrath of their fans. 

The 31-year-old star recently held a Q&A session with her followers. 

The commotion started when a fan asked: “Any treatment ideas for strep?!

“Instead of or along with antibiotics.”

Also known as streptococcus, strep can cause a red and sore strep throat in the individual.

Strep throat is “a bacterial infection that can make your throat feel sore and scratchy,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

Medicines such as “acetaminophen or ibuprofen” and “oral antibiotics like penicillin” can help with pain and fever.

Audrey replied: “I’ve experienced a lot of relief from making ‘thieves’ tea.

“Couple drops of thieves, organic lemon, raw honey. Not medical advice.”

Critics jumped to the comments section and dragged the TV personality through the mud for suggesting a non-medical alternative. 

One critic argued: “Strep can have serious consequences without antibiotics,” while another critic ranted: “It doesn’t matter if she says ‘not medical advice’, just don’t post that comment.”

Instagram/Audrey RoloffAudrey carried her youngest child Radley in her arms[/caption]

Instagram/ Audrey RoloffAudrey and Jeremy pictured with their three kids[/caption]

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