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All the times Teen Mom stars stormed off the reunion set in a huff after explosive fights

All the times Teen Mom stars stormed off the reunion set in a huff after explosive fights

WHEN the stars of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise come together at the end of the season, fans can count on one thing: fights.

Teen Mom Reunions are often one last chance for the reality stars to air their dirty laundry.

MTVTeen Mom reunions seem to always involve someone storming off[/caption]

MTVThe dramatic move usually comes after a giant fight[/caption]

And sometimes, the arguments and battles escalate so high, someone storms off the set in a huff.

On the next Teen Mom: Family Reunion’s “The Aftermath,” Briana DeJesus will walk off the set after encountering Ashley Jones.

A Teen Mom fan page shared a teaser of the explosive episode earlier this week.

In the preview for Teen Mom: Family Reunion’s “The Aftermath,” Briana quickly rushed off stage following a run-in with her nemesis, Ashley.

“Okay, me and my mom are going to leave,” the 28-year-old announced to the group while making her way toward the exit.

Instagram/teenmomfanzBriana DeJesus left the set after encountering her nemesis Ashley Jones[/caption]

In another part of the clip, Ashley had some harsh words for Briana during her and her mother Tea’s solo interview with host Nessa Diab and life coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant.

“She’s a snake, she’s messy, she’s a fake a** wannabe selective bully,” Ashley ranted about her co-star.

Ashley, 25, opted to keep her distance from the other Teen Moms and not join the group on-stage at the reunion show.

It’s not the first time Ashley, or any of her castmates, have witnessed a storming out. Take a look back at some of these memorable moments.


MTVAshley Jones (L) and Leah Messer (R back) walked off[/caption]

The Teen Mom 2 season reunion last May was going just fine – until Dr. Drew Pinsky asked about Kailyn Lowry.

The reality star was absent from the reunion couch, and her name brought up different reactions from the remaining Moms – including storming off the set by Ashley Jones and Leah Messer.

It all started when Dr. Drew addressed the fact that Kailyn, who left the show midseason, was absent from the reunion stage.

“So Kail didn’t want to do this reunion in person,” Drew noted turning his attention to Leah. “Any idea why that would be?”

As Leah responded that she had no idea, Jade Cline broke out in laughter, answering for her.

“We have an idea,” Jade stated flatly. “They don’t get along.”

MTVLeah followed Ashley out the door[/caption]

Leah went on to explain that she hasn’t been talking to Kailyn much since she left the show.

Drew then tried to dig deeper into an apparent riff between the two that started at the Teen Mom Family Reunion, but didn’t get far.

“She (Kailyn) was upset about a self growth post,” Leah explained. “But as far as anything other than that, I have no idea.”

As she was finishing her answer, Ashley suddenly stood up and walked off the set.

On her way out, she told Drew: “I’m going to let you all talk about Kail without me, cause I don’t wanna be in none of that s**t.”

Leah quickly joined her, simply saying on her way out: “I agree.”


MTVAmber Portwood said she felt blindsided by ex Gary Shirley[/caption]

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood stormed off the stage during her shows’ reunion at the end of 2021.

The 32-year-old slammed her ex Gary Shirley for “blindsiding her” with news about their teen daughter Leah.

During part one of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Amber and Gary, 35, sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to discuss how going to therapy together improved their strained relationship.

While Amber appeared to be in good spirits throughout the segment, her mood quickly shifted when Gary surprised her with the revelation that Leah is in therapy.

He said: “She is speaking to somebody, a professional.

“They are working on different things that she can do to help the communication start between her and her mom.”

MTVAmber was shocked to hear her daughter was in therapy[/caption]

In earlier episodes of Teen Mom OG, viewers saw Amber struggle to reconnect with Leah.

After she called out Gary for “blindsiding” her, she angrily continued: “You came out here with some bull crap. I just found out on camera, of course. Everything that you do is for television. Done!

“Everything that he does is for television. I’m out. Bye!”

Amber stormed out of the room as she called her ex “garbage.”

The mother of two then vented to a producer: “He can keep making his money off of me.

“This is ridiculous…I’m done.”


MTVKailyn Lowry left after a dust-up with the show’s host[/caption]

Kailyn Lowry walked off the set of part 3 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion in 2019, after a blowup with host Nessa Diab.

 It started when Kailyn admitted how she really felt about Jade Cline joining the show.

When Dr. Drew asked about it, Kailyn confessed she wasn’t thrilled about it.

Ashley Jones also voiced her displeasure with Jade.

Jade did not take the news well, and started yelling at everyone on stage, focusing especially on Ashley.

MTVKailyn was trying to quell the fighting[/caption]

“You b***hes act like it’s me that’s the problem,” she exclaimed. “I’m not the motherf**king problem!”

As host Nessa tried to gain control, she instructed Kailyn to “sit back,” which only served to anger Kailyn.

She replied with a shocked “What?” before standing up and stomping off.

“Ooh! Bye! Bye Nessa, see you later,” Kailyn cried.

She never returned.


MTVJenelle Evans was grilled over comments she made about Nessa’s boyfriend[/caption]

Nessa found herself in another controversy earlier that year when Jenelle Evans walked out of the Teen Mom 2 reunion in tears after the host drilled her over negative comments she made about Nessa’s boyfriend Colin Kaepernick.

“You posed hateful comments on social media about my family. My man, Colin Kaepernick,” Nessa grilled.

Jenelle had previously tweeted her opposition to the former NFL quarterback, who was blacklisted from the league for kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice and police brutality.

As Nessa tried to school Jenelle, while also encouraging a “healthy conversation” between the two, Jenelle teared up.

“I’m done with this bulls**t,” Jenelle slammed as she stormed off. “This is about my storyline and you want to bring up your issues. You want to bring up Teen Mom to bring up your issues.”

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