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Wendy Williams calls out for help as she struggles on walk during NYC outing after filming with reality TV camera crew

Wendy Williams calls out for help as she struggles on walk during NYC outing after filming with reality TV camera crew

WENDY Williams made an emotional plea for help as she shopped in New York.

The troubled former talk show host struggled on her way to a neighborhood smoke shop.

The US SunWendy Williams asked for help as she stepped onto the sidewalk in New York[/caption]

Dario Alequin for The US SunThe former talk show host has had a myriad of health problems[/caption]

Dario Alequin for The US SunShe was dressed warm for the weather[/caption]

On Wednesday, Wendy was spotted on a cold New York day.

The 58-year-old was dressed warmly in a tight black turtleneck shirt, short denim shorts and a blue jacket lined with blue fur.

She finished the outfit off with a pair of black furry boots she has been wearing around town.

Dario Alequin for The US SunWendy was on her way to a local smoke shop[/caption]

Wendy exited her car, then asked for help getting up on the sidewalk.

“Somebody help me,” she candidly asked those around her. “Somebody help me up.”

A U.S. Sun photographer rushed to her aid and received a “Thank you” for his assist.

The entertainer then paused to explain her mission.

“’I’m getting Blu. Do you know what that is?” she asked, before answering her own question. “It’s like a cigarette except it does nothing.”

Dario Alequin for The US SunWendy knew what she wanted[/caption]

Wendy has been showing up in public more and more lately, expanding her visibility.

But she has also appeared frail, due to her ongoing health concerns.

 On Wednesday, The U.S. Sun obtained exclusive video of Wendy appearing to be struggling as she got out of the car.

The ailing star leaned on another parked car for support as she shuffled to the sidewalk.

She then held onto her security guard’s arm as they made their way into the office of her former radio station, WBLS.


The former talk show host has suffered a series of personal and professional downfalls over the last year.

Wendy has not been on screen since she lost her long-running daytime staple The Wendy Williams Show in June 2022.

The US SunWendy thanked the photographer for his help[/caption]

A financial guardian officially took control of her finances earlier that year following a series of health issues.

Wendy also checked into rehab for “severe alcohol use” in Malibu in August and was away for two months.


But the entertainer is ready for a comeback.

The U.S. Sun has exclusively learned that Wendy’s recent outings have been taped by a TV crew, with plans to turn her life into a reality series.

“Wendy is filming a reality show. She rocked up to New York celebrity hotspot Fresco by Scotto and had a producer hand out Non-Disclosure Agreements to patrons,” a source told The U.S. Sun.

The insider added that the former TV host came to the restaurant on Tuesday evening without a reservation – and no one on the eatery’s staff even knew she was coming in.

“It wasn’t like this was pre-planned.

“When you see the women on the Real Housewives, you see them just walk into places, but really production scouts out the restaurant in advance.

“They set it up, there are full permissions involved.

“Wendy just figured this is her favorite restaurant, so she just showed up!”

“This did not look like a crew hired by a network, this feels like a very homemade reality show,” an eyewitness to the production added.

“It appears this will be a show about her life after The Wendy Williams Show.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Wendy’s reps for comment.

Dario Alequin for The US SunEarlier in the day she was seen coming back from the gym[/caption]

On Wednesday, she met a friend for dinnerWendy needed help staying upright

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