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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia, 14, defiantly calls out mom’s parenting decision in new video

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia, 14, defiantly calls out mom’s parenting decision in new video

FANS have cheered Teen Mom’s Sophia Abraham, 14, for calling out her mother Farrah in a new video.

Farrah, 31, shared a short video from her daughter’s birthday bash.

Instagram/@farrahabrahamFarrah Abraham shared video from Sophia Abraham’s birthday dinner[/caption]

Instagram/@farrahabrahamSophia asked Farrah why she had ‘the filter on’[/caption]

Instagram/@farrahabrahamFarrah celebrated Sophia turning 14[/caption]

In the Instagram Story, the Teen Mom OG star pointed the camera at Sophia and said: “Show people a closeup.”

The birthday girl posed and played with her curly hair as she asked: “Why do you have the filter on?”

Farrah ignored the question and gushed over the teenage girl’s appearance: “Oh, shining! Hey girl! Look at those things!”


In an online thread, fans praised Sophia for being “naturally beautiful” and not falling “into a plastic surgery trap.”

One fan said: “I’m happy to see that Sophia isn’t inspired by and trying to emulate Farrah’s extremely fake and tacky aesthetic.”

Another fan added: “Sofia been calling her out since she could talk. That kid is hilarious.”

A third fan mentioned: “Hahaha. Farrah made a whole post about how she never uses filters.”

A fourth person wrote: “Calling out Farrah on using a filter. Maybe Gen Z can help us kill filters.”


The 16 & Pregnant alum recently took to TikTok and shared a compilation of photos and videos from a tattoo parlor.

Sophia was dressed in an all-black hoodie with a goth/emo design and paired her outfit with a black and silver choker.

She styled her black and purple hair in messy curls around her face.

Farrah shared footage of her daughter getting two snakebite piercings on her bottom lip and two new piercings on each ear.

The mom-of-one captioned her post: “@sophialaabraham HAPPY 14th birthday! #snakebite & #earlobe piercing party! 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match your snake.”

“Can you even eat your cake?” 


While celebrating her teen daughter’s special day, Farah uploaded a lengthy post and wrote: “I want to say beyond love for you.

“I’m grateful to have you as my daughter. You’ve helped me recognize how to ‘reparent’ myself, even while parenting you.”

“How to lose the ‘parental ego’ that is the ugliest thing in this world – for this you’ve made my world easier to see & overcome my childhood and be present /2 feet in with you!”

Farrah continued: “I love you and wish you the most successful life you deserve filled with compassion, not criticism, not shaming, blaming, or rejection for any reason.

The TV personality concluded: “As you’re now relearning, reparenting yourself, and using all the education you’re seen as 100 percent you at every age. 

“I know this makes your life flourish way beyond mine – you make me proud, laugh, love, and feel the heaven on earth we all should have.”

TikTokSophia wore an emo shirt and added purple to her curls[/caption]

TikTokSophia received six new piercings at a tattoo parlor[/caption]

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