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Live’s Kelly Ripa accidentally ‘twins’ with colleague in tight red skirt and sexy black top

Live’s Kelly Ripa accidentally ‘twins’ with colleague in tight red skirt and sexy black top

LIVE! host Kelly Ripa and her colleague have been caught accidentally twinning with one of her co-workers on the morning show.

Recently Kelly reposted her colleague Ashley Lewis’ Instagram Story that showed them in almost matching black tops and red skirts on her Instagram Stories.

Instagram/kellyripaLive! host Kelly Ripa and her colleague wore almost matching outfits[/caption]

ABCKelly often wears stylish outfits on Live! With Kelly and Ryan[/caption]

The snap that was originally shared on Ashley’s Stories showed her and the 52-year-old actress posed in their work office.

Ashley was pictured side-by-side with the ABC anchor, her hand wrapped around her waist as Kelly had her hand draped over the Digital Production Manager’s shoulder.

Both of the Live! employees wore long deep red skirts that accentuated their frames and black blouses that were tucked into them.

They even had their sleeves rolled up to their elbow in the same way.

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Ashley captioned her Story: “Love a twinning moment with @kellyripa…” with a GIF that read: “I Love You.”


Kelly is very fashionable and expresses her stylishness in the outfits she wears on her talk show.

On an episode of Live! from back in February, she wore a navy blouse with white polka dots paired with emerald green pants.

In the episode that Kelly wore the chic outfit, she had a wardrobe malfunction.


That was not the first time Kelly had suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the show.

Her microphone came off in September, and she insisted she “didn’t care.”

After Kelly and Ryan introduced their Great Days trivia question on the September 7 episode, Ryan asked if anyone could hear her.

He laughed and asked a crew member: “I don’t know. Did they hear anything?”

“I don’t care. Who knows?” Kelly said.

“We just realized her mic had fallen,” Ryan told the crowd.

“No. My mic didn’t fall,” she insisted. “I never took it off of my bra.”

Ryan laughed again and then moved on. “Anyway.”

She then asked if the music could be shut off and said: “Don’t worry about my sound. Worry about the other sound.”

Fans had pointed out that there was extra sound in the background throughout the episode, which was caused by her microphone.


A few months prior to that, Kelly suffered another wardrobe mishap.

The awkward moment occurred as the TV personality tried to compete against co-host Ryan in an awkward on-air game.

The pair played a bunch of Holiday-themed games, with some requiring more movement than others.

While Ryan was dressed comfortably in a short-sleeve button-up, jeans, and slip-on sneakers, Kelly wasn’t as game-day ready.

She wore a maxi dress and high heels, which gave her some trouble during an activity requiring some running.

Not wanting to lose against Ryan, Kelly made sure to give herself the best chance to win, even if that meant having some wardrobe troubles.

While she didn’t take off her heels, she did hike up her long dress, pausing at the start of the game to maneuver it into her undergarments.

“You know what I gotta do,” she rhetorically asked Ryan.

While starting to do so, she revealed: “I gotta tuck my [dress] up into my underpants. Because I’m gonna trip over it.”

One of the other members on the Live with Kelly and Ryan set could be heard saying, “Whoa,” in response to Kelly’s actions.

GettyBack in February Kelly Ripa sported a cute outfit on the show[/caption]

GettyDuring that episode Kelly’s outfit had a wardrobe malfunction[/caption]

ABCKelly also had a wardrobe malfunction back in September[/caption]

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