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Jeopardy!’s Mattea Roach shades famous game show after star gets odd description during new commercial

Jeopardy!’s Mattea Roach shades famous game show after star gets odd description during new commercial

MATTEA Roach has called out Jeopardy! for being portrayed in a hilariously blunt way in a new commercial.

The game show is running a new ad for their newsletter with the star about to return for spring’s Jeopardy! Masters tournament.

JeopardyJeopardy!’s new commercial for their newsletter features Amy Schneider[/caption]

JeopardyHost Mayim Bialik also appeared as the text read: ‘exclusive show news and updates’[/caption]

JeopardyHowever, when Mattea Roach was shown the text just read: ‘contestant’[/caption]

The glitzy new Jeopardy! commercial features some of the show’s most famous faces promising the inside scoop via its newsletter.

The clip shows 40-time winner Amy Schneider, co-host Mayim Bialik, 47, and longtime producer Sarah Foss with an arm around 16-time champ Ryan Long.

When the commercial then cut to Mattea, 24, their description read differently than the rest – it just said “contestant.”

While the ad had a voiceover to go above it, Mattea couldn’t resist roasting the show for the pared-back moniker over their smiling face.


Jeopardy! blogger @OneEclecticMom wrote to Twitter: “Ad for the Jeopardy! newsletter ran again today during Jeopardy, and I captured a few screenshots I missed last time!”

After the fan shared the snaps, Mattea replied below: love that I am ‘contestant’.”

One Twitter user defended: “The platonic ideal of a contestant!”

A second joked: “loved that you were a contestant too!”


The youngest super-champion in history recently debuted a winning new look before returning to the game show stage in just weeks.

In a photo earlier this month, they ditched the cardigans from their original run of 23 games and $560K last May.

Instead, Mattea posed in a dramatically shorter hairstyle, chic dangling earring, and a full suit and tie in the snap.

“Spot the difference,” they captioned the Instagram post while holding up a book called “Ducks” for a literary event.

The second image they shared showed a photo of the indie girl band BoyGenius in similar suits.

“This is everything” one user commented.

“Sensational suit,” wrote another.

“Suit and tie look AMAZING on you” gushed a third.

Since their run, Mattea has begun hosting a popular Canadian podcast and now uses the pronouns they/them.


The Gen-Z, Canadian-born tutor was a mere 23 years old when they became a super-champ (or 10-plus day winner) in Season 38.

Mattea won their first game in April 2022, and exclaimed “all my student loans are paid off!” setting the tone for an unconventional yet quite captivating streak.

Critics knocked their stage presence seeing them openly voice their wager strategy and chat between clues.

One particularly memorable moment saw Mattea say with a signature wrist-flick, “I should have wagered more” after getting a Daily Double.

But as more wins came, so did the popularity – and there were some unforgettable games during their run.

One saw the champ answer Final Jeopardy alone on the stage with just Ken, due to a technicality.

The other two entered Final Jeopardy with negative scores, so they didn’t even compete.

“Has that ever happened before?” one fan wondered on Twitter at the time.

Another game saw Mattea win by the amount ultimately losing by; $1.

By then, Mattea amassed the fifth-longest streak on Jeopardy! ever and sixth highest earnings.

Mattea’s on-stage Q&A stories were also often the talk of the episode.

They revealed they once sang backup in a music video with the legendary musician of “Rick Roll” fame Rick Astley.

During another Q&A, they also revealed to have seven tattoos including two on their legs dedicated to the band The Talking Heads.

Mattea returned for the 2022 Tournament of Champions and is about to come back yet again for a third stint.


Ken Jennings, 48, will be hosting the new Jeopardy! Masters spinoff, which is scheduled to air during the spring in primetime on ABC.

The six-champ special will have 20 games in 10 hour-long episodes.

The round-robin tournament will see every iteration of the contestants face off, with no one eliminated – it doesn’t have an air date yet.

Also competing are Amy Schneider (40 wins and the 2022 Tournament of Champions), Matt Amodio (38 wins), Sam Buttrey (Professor’s Tournament winner and 2022 ToC finalist), Andrew He (2022 ToC finalist), and the legendary James Holzhauer (32 wins and the 2019 ToC winner).

JeopardyMattea wrote ‘love that I am *contestant*’[/caption]

Courtesy of CBCThe Jeopardy! fan-favorite debuted a bold new look in an event called ‘Canada Reads’ in a buzz-worthy full suit[/caption]

ABCThe big winner has completely reinvented their look before returning this spring[/caption]

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