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GMA’s Robin Roberts tells Michael Strahan ‘that’s not true’ as he cracks joke during live TV moment

GMA’s Robin Roberts tells Michael Strahan ‘that’s not true’ as he cracks joke during live TV moment

GOOD Morning America star Robin Roberts told her co-star Michael Strahan “that is not true” after he cracked an on-air joke.

On Thursday, former NFL player Strahan tasted olive oil-infused coffee during a live TV segment.

NBCGMA star Robin Roberts told Michael Strahan ‘that’s not true’ as he cracked a joke on air[/caption]

NBCStrahan tried olive oil-infused coffee on Thursday’s show but he wasn’t a huge fan[/caption]

The trend hit the headlines this week after Starbucks launched its olive oil drinks range in Italy.

Strahan picked up a cup and said: “I was going to taste it but Robin told me not to because she wanted it.”

Robin, who was sitting at the desk, quipped back: “That is so not true. Nice try Michael.”

The veteran host was chortling after Strahan, who had a wide grin on his face, made the cheeky remark.

The ex-football star sipped the coffee but paused as he tried to work out the flavor.

He revealed that he could taste the olive oil but admitted the look of the coffee put him off.

Strahan didn’t like the drink as he said: “A few sips was all I needed.”

Viewers took to Instagram and said that his facial expression revealed whether he was a fan of the drink or not.

One said: “Michael’s face said it all!!! No thanks.”

Another chimed in: “This was so funny.”

A third viewer posted online: “Look at Michael’s expression.”

Several viewers said they could not understand why olive oil would be added to a morning cup of coffee.

Strahan is known for cracking jokes alongside his co-stars on the popular daytime TV show.

This week, The U.S. Sun reported how he jokingly called out the staffers who had appeared in the studio to see Michael B Jordan.

Strahan sat down with the actor where he discussed his new movie, Creed III.

But before he introduced the A-lister to viewers, Michael couldn’t help but notice how busy the set had become.

He said: “Our next guest is one of our favorites and a true Hollywood superstar.”

Michael added, grinning: “So much so, I’ve seen people in the studio who I didn’t even know worked here because they came out of the back rooms!”

His co-hosts erupted with laughter as he looked around the room, scanning the crew members off-camera.

And, we also reported that Michael made a rare Monday appearance on the morning show.

Strahan starred alongside Robin and Rebecca Jarvis.

The former sportsman was an analyst on FOX NFL Sundays during the football season and often used to miss the show at the start of the week.

Now the football season has ended, the GMA host is expected to be back in the studio every Monday until it starts up again.

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