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GMA’s Ginger Zee warns viewers about ‘dangerous’ and ‘damaging’ news in new show clip

GMA’s Ginger Zee warns viewers about ‘dangerous’ and ‘damaging’ news in new show clip

GINGER Zee has warned viewers about dangerous and damaging news sweeping the West Coast.

The Good Morning America star has sparked fan concerns in recent weeks as she reports on raging storms in the US.

GMAGinger shared shocking news of a rare storm hitting California[/caption]

GMAShe warned viewers of ‘dangerous’ and ‘damaging conditions’[/caption]

Ginger, 42, shared details on a rare winter storm sweeping through California on Friday and into Oklahoma days after.

The TV personality explained that rain, wind gusts, and even snow would be hitting the sunny state in an uncommon turn of events this weekend.

She added that “mudslides and flooding” were possible, saying: “This is going to be the dangerous part.”

Ginger continued on to report that the “same storm” would be hitting Oklahoma by Sunday, bringing concerns of tornados to the state.

The meteorologist said to look for “damaging winds” at an “elevated risk” as well as all-time February “record heat” with temperatures hitting up to 88 degrees.


The shocking weather update followed fan concerns for the weatherwoman after she delivered more dangerous news on air earlier this month.

Ginger reported live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 15 as she broke down what the weather would be like for residents across 25 states.

She admitted that the “morning” weather was “mild and breezy” in Philadelphia.

However, people who lived “west [and] north” of where she reported from were going to have “hold on to your hat, windy…” weather.

“Anywhere from New England right through midland Michigan to midland Texas you have wind alerts on the map, and you’ve got plenty of winter storm and blizzard alerts,” the meteorologist explained.

She further divulged that two storms were on the horizon, one in the North and one forming in the South.

Ginger elaborated that the second storm had a “potent tornado threat.”

“It’s really gonna ramp up this afternoon in north Texas…just north of Dallas…,” the GMA host said.

The TV personality revealed that since the storm “focuses itself overnight” there is a possibility that “nocturnal tornadoes” with “damaging winds” could happen in certain southern states.

The anchor revealed that the storm would pass through “Memphis, northwestern Mississippi, and much of eastern Arkansas.”


Also this month, Mississippi and Louisiana were hit with tornadoes.

During a recent episode of GMA, Rob Marciano, 54,  reported live from southeast Louisiana dressed in a blue ABC News jacket.

“It’s been an incredibly busy severe weather season for winter,” Rob said of the storms.

There were at least four reported tornados between Louisiana and Mississippi.

In a clip shared on the official GMA Twitter account, Rob walked among the wreckage that the destructive storms left behind, such as a church and a few homes.

Standing in front of a decimated home, Rob gave a rundown of what happened.

“There were actually people in this house when the storm came through,” he said of one home, but noted that they were “remarkably okay.”

He commented on another location hit by the tornado: “A couple of streets down from here, a mother and her two kids were inside a manufactured home, which was flipped by the winds of the twister, they were brought to the hospital for minor injuries.”

This prompted more concerned tweets from viewers, as one said: “keep safe out there Rob!!”

ABCGinger reported live from Philly[/caption]

ABCShe warned of winter weather heading to the Northern states[/caption]

ABCGinger also spoke of tornados hitting the south[/caption]

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