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Love Island fans celebrate as ‘two-faced’ Olivia’s ‘game-play’ is finally exposed in brutal Movie Night clip

Love Island fans celebrate as ‘two-faced’ Olivia’s ‘game-play’ is finally exposed in brutal Movie Night clip

LOVE Island fans say Olivia Hawkins’ “game plan” has been exposed after more secret footage aired on Movie Night.

The actress was seen commenting on the other couples and accused her pal Claudia Fogarty of forgiving Casey O’Gorman “way too quickly”.

Olivia Hawkins was called out on Twitter for ‘having a game plan’ after she was seenRon was caught on camera telling Kai that Olivia wasn’t genuine and was recoupling to survive in the villa

She also predicted that Samie Elishi would “sweep things over” with Tom Clare after he was seen in bed with another girl.

A fresh row broke out too between Olivia and Ron, after he was seen telling the boys she would recouple in Casa Amor so she could survive in the ITV2 show.

He also claimed she recoupled with Kai earlier because “she couldn’t get Tom”.

Olivia broke down in tears as she told Ron: “Wow, you’re not my friend not at all. I already knew he was a fake friend, I don’t need him. No, Ron that’s rude.

“You said that I couldn’t get Tom, that’s rude. Nice choice of words.”

But moments later, Olivia laughed when a clip aired of her in Casa Amor saying she had “already forgotten his name” referring to her villa partner Kai.

She remained unapologetic and said about Kai: “I’m glad I forgot, I forgot it already.”

Reacting to the chaotic scenes on Twitter, one fan said: “Ron revealed Olivia’s game plan. That’s why she’s crying.”

Another remarked on Twitter: “How is Olivia calling Ron a fake friend when she was just exposed for talking s**t about everyone.”

“Thank god the girls are seeing Olivia for what she really is,” another added.

One more said: “Thank God Olivia got expose man she deserved it.”

Love Island fans claimed one villa girl has been ‘exposed’ for having a game plan

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