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Kim Kardashian looks unrecognizable with big lips, tiny nose and hair change in new Skims ad amid plastic surgery rumors

Kim Kardashian looks unrecognizable with big lips, tiny nose and hair change in new Skims ad amid plastic surgery rumors

KIM Kardashian’s brand SKIMS has posted new advertisement photos, and Kim’s appearance appears to be altered.

To promote SKIMS‘ new cotton sleepwear line, Kim and a few gorgeous models posed in front of a white background with white pillows.

Vitali Gelwich/SKIMSKim Kardashian’s brand SKIMS has shared new promotional photos[/caption]

GettyThe photos show Kim’s new face which features bigger lips and a smaller nose[/caption]

Out of the 11 new promotional photos and videos, the KUWTK star is only featured in three of them.

The first shows Kim sitting on a pillow holding her hair up. She’s wearing white shorts, a sexy white tank top, and white socks.

Whether it’s with makeup, lighting, or surgery, Kim’s nose looks impossibly small in the photo. Her lips also appear to be much bigger than in the past.

The next photo has Kim posing in a black scoop-neck sleep dress that appears see-through in the studio lights.

She’s holding a long body pillow around her shoulders like Britney Spears held her snake.

Fans get a good look at her new hairstyle in this photo as it hangs naturally below her shoulders. Kim is now sporting some serious bangs.

In the last photo, the Kardashian wore a heather grey matching pajama set as she pouted her massive lips at the camera.


This week Kim shared a backstage look at her Hulu reality show confessional, and eager fans spotted something strange.

An old photo of the mother of four was taped directly under the monitor that showed the footage of Kim.

Fans began to guess what purpose the photo had, and some think it was so the production crew has a guide while editing and face-tuning the footage.

One fan commented: “I think the picture at the bottom is supposed to be a reference of what Kim is supposed to look like so they don’t go too far with the editing.”

Another chimed in: “The cameraman in his mind: ‘rhinoplasty, lip filler, cheek implants, chin implant, jaw shave, brow bone reduction, buccal fat removal, botox, and eye lift.’”


Most people are convinced that Kim has undergone cosmetic surgery, but the SKKN founder maintains that her body is natural.

After she shared a photo of her dinner plate, fans were very concerned with the extremely small portion sizes.

A source told The U.S. Sun that Kim “loves how skinny she is” and plans to drop even more weight on a special sugar-free diet.

Kim also fills her Instagram Story with glimpses of her exercise regimen with her personal trainer Senada Greca.

Although, other gym enthusiasts had a lot to say when her posts were reshared on a popular Kardashians Reddit page.

“Her form is awful. This is not something she does regularly,” someone said.

Getty Images – GettyKim was recently accused of editing her confessionals on her Hulu show[/caption]

GettyKim has lost a lot of weight since last year’s Met Gala[/caption]

Getty Images – GettyA source said that Kim loves how skinny she is now[/caption]

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