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Little People’s Tori Roloff shares big health update on husband Zach & shares emotional pics after his brain surgery

Little People’s Tori Roloff shares big health update on husband Zach & shares emotional pics after his brain surgery

LITTLE People, Big World’s Tori Roloff has shared an emotional update on her husband Zach Roloff’s health status.

In a slew of Instagram Stories, Tori, 31, revealed Zach, 32, is finally home from the hospital. 

Instagram/@toriroloffZach Roloff posed with his children after returning home from the hospital[/caption]

Instagram / Tori RoloffZach held his son Josiah in his hands[/caption]

Instagram / Tori RoloffZach was in the hospital for an emergency shunt revision[/caption]

In the first photo, the recovering LPBW alum appeared to be lying down on the sofa with his three children: Jackson, five; Lilah, three; and Josiah, nine months.

In the second photo, Zach appeared to be strong enough to hold Josiah in his hands. 

Tori also shared a short video of the little ones going out for a walk.

While Jackson and Lilah skateboarded, Tori wheeled Josiah across in his baby carriage.

Zach’s wife captioned her post: “So grateful for the weather to get these kids outside so dad can rest.”

Tori thanked “everyone who pated for us, and offered to bring us food and supported us through this whole experience.”

She mentioned that the staff at the Oregon Health & Science University “were exceptional” at helping her husband “through this entire experience.”  

Tori’s mother-in-law Amy Roloff, 60, recently updated fans on her son’s status and revealed: “He’ll be back home in a day or two.”


Zach was previously admitted to the hospital for an emergency shunt revision.

A shunt is a hollow tube surgically placed in the brain, sometimes in the spine, that helps drain cerebrospinal fluid.

After the fluid is drained, it is redirected “to another location in the body where it can be reabsorbed,” according to John Hopkins Medicine.

The procedure addresses the pressure on the brain and assists with relieving many symptoms, such as gait difficulty, mild dementia, and lack of bladder control.

Tori revealed she had been through “a scary 72 hours, but he is doing well and recovering!!”

During Zach’s hospital stay, Amy shared that she was “watching the grandkids” after canceling her “live chat” with fans, which was initially scheduled on February 9th. 


Tori recently praised her five-year-old son for taking care of his sibling while his father was away at the hospital.

In the clip, Jackson smiled as he threw a rock at the nearby pond.

The TV personality captioned the post: “The kid has been such a trooper through the whole experience.”

In the sweet snapshot, Jackson held his baby brother’s hand while the two stood next to the chicken cage.

Josiah turned his head back and smiled at the camera.

Tori wrote: “Checking on dad’s chickens for him.”

Instagram / Zach RoloffTori praised Jackson for being ‘a trooper’ while Zach recovered from brain surgery[/caption]

Instagram/Tori RoloffTori Roloff posed with her husband Zach and their three children[/caption]

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