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Little People fans call out Audrey & Jeremy Roloff for ‘always’ leaving their kids to go out on child-free date nights

Little People fans call out Audrey & Jeremy Roloff for ‘always’ leaving their kids to go out on child-free date nights

FANS have called out Little People, Big World’s Audrey, and Jeremy Roloff for leaving their kids behind on date nights. 

In an Instagram Story, Jeremy, 32, and his wife, Audrey, 31, appeared to be heading off to their skiing location.

InstagramAudrey and Jeremy Roloff were ‘headed night skiing’ for their date night[/caption]

InstagramAudrey took a selfie while wearing her skiing outfit[/caption]

Audrey and Jeremy posed together for a photoInstagram / Audrey Roloff

The LPBW alum wore heavy jackets as they came prepared for the cold weather.

Audrey captioned the post: “Usually don’t do date nights on the Sabbath, but that’s how the cards fell this week. 

“Headed night skiing and signing off till Sunday.”

In the following Story, Audrey flaunted her skiing outfit from Halfdays, which costs up to $250.

The couple’s children – Ember, five; Bode, two; and their newborn baby Radley – did not appear in the Story with them. 


In an online thread, critics slammed the husband/wife duo for “always ditching their kids” on date nights.

One critic mockingly said: “Must be nice to have all the time in the world while also maintaining absolutely perfect parenting.”

Another critic added: “They’re so out of touch. 

“They are privileged because they never worry about the things most of the world has to worry about.”

A third critic mentioned: “It’s great that they get that time together, but that’s a lot of money for a babysitter.”

A fourth critic wrote: “They probably pay a sitter if neither grandparent can do it. 

“They are lucky and fortunate that they have that, but they are too spoiled to realize it.”

A commentator sarcastically chimed in: “I WISH I had a support system that someone watched my kids every time they go out. Jeremy looks so miserable though.”


Jeremy and Audrey’s date night came as his twin brother Zach Roloff, 32, has been in the hospital for an emergency shunt revision.

A shunt is a hollow tube surgically placed in the brain, sometimes in the spine, that helps drain cerebrospinal fluid.

After the fluid is drained, it is redirected “to another location in the body where it can be reabsorbed,” according to John Hopkins Medicine.

The procedure addresses the pressure on the brain and assists with relieving many symptoms, such as gait difficulty, mild dementia, and lack of bladder control.

Zach’s wife, Tori, 31, admitted: “It’s been a scary 72 hours, but he is doing well and recovering!!”

Tori’s mother-in-law Amy Roloff, 60, recently updated fans on her son’s status and said: “So far, so good and we’re praying his recovery is strong and goes well.

“I know he doesn’t want to be here again anytime soon. 

“I’ve been watching the grandkids, so she has been able to be with him. Zach’s a trooper as well as Tori.” 

Amy concluded: “That has been a blast. He’ll be back home in a day or two.”

Instagram / Tori RoloffZach Roloff appeared to be recovering in the hospital[/caption]

Instagram / Audrey RoloffAudrey and Jeremy pictured with their children[/caption]

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