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Little People fans beg Amy Roloff to get a ‘real job’ as she charges ‘ridiculous’ price for ‘laughably bad’ new business

Little People fans beg Amy Roloff to get a ‘real job’ as she charges ‘ridiculous’ price for ‘laughably bad’ new business

LITTLE People fans have begged Amy Roloff to get a “real job” as she charges “ridiculous” prices for her new business.

The TLC star recently debuted her new side project, or possible future career move, with a video posted on “Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen” YouTube account.

INSTAGRAM/amyjroloffLITTLE People fans begged Amy Roloff to get a ‘real job’ as she charges ‘ridiculous’ prices for her new cooking business[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/amyjroloffAmy recently debuted the new project with a video posted on ‘Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen’ Youtube channel[/caption]

During the promotional video, Amy, 60, advertised subscriptions for the leveled memberships available for purchase on her website.

A casually dressed, but well-made-up Amy announced: “I’m so excited to offer you three different kinds of membership.”

The “Cupcake” subscription was priced at $4.99 a month, the “Pancake” level was offered at $9.99 monthly, and the “Cheesecake” membership would cost subscribers $19.99 a month.

The Little People, Big World star revealed that the first level will provide “bonus content,” the second tier will include a “live private chat” with Amy, and the third membership level features “cooking once a month” with the TV personality on Zoom.

Fans discussed “Amy’s Little Membership” on a Reddit board dedicated to the long-running reality series.

One Redditor commented: “These people need to get real jobs.”

A second person questioned: “Huh? I like Amy’s but who pays to watch her cook?”

Another critic wrote: “Honestly she isn’t a good enough cook to be doing this. Her videos are laughably bad.”

“I literally cannot believe people pay for stuff like this. Especially 20 bucks a month. Insane,” added a fourth.

A fifth person remarked: “Pay to watch her try to say Par-me-si-ian? No thank you lol.”

While a final commenter stated: “I will say no to this because it’s ridiculous.”

Amy has already begun her foray into the cooking entertainment industry with her YouTube channel Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.

The cooking-based channel currently boasts 99,400 subscribers.

The reality TV star revealed the bonus content offered with her website subscription will include answers to the questions she’s been asked about “life, and family, and kids.”

She continued: “Being divorced, being single, being a grandmother, [and] other life challenges that we all may be going through.

“And most definitely, questions on Little People, Big World.”


Little People, Big World may be nearing its end as many fans think the show will be canceled after the most recent season.

Last year, Amy shared an Instagram post that further fueled rumors that the long-running reality series is coming to an end.

Captioned, “Did you know that today is National ‘I Love Food’ Day?” the photos depicted the LPBW star preparing a meal inside her kitchen.

Amy wore an apron that read “Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen” with a friend donning a similar apron in their photos together.

The caption continued: “I’ll definitely be celebrating because food is truly one of my favorite things.

“Not only do I love to cook and come up with recipes to share with all of you, but gathering together with friends and family over a meal and connecting while we eat something delicious has provided me with some of my most special memories.”

Between images of Amy cooking, one photo shows the TV personality enjoying the meal with her husband Chris Marek, 60.

A fan reposted the photos on an LPBW online forum, titled: “Anyone else thinks this is the last season? Amy’s cooking videos production quality up…”

The user explained: “I’ve noticed recently the production quality and Amy’s appearance [has] been ramped up and she seems to be really focusing and promoting these videos.”

Roloff fans rushed to the comment thread to share their own predictions.

One person wrote: “I thought it was done the year that the producers literally zoomed in on paint drying, but I think that was two seasons ago. It keeps going on.”

A second commented: “Amy is preparing for her future without the income from the show and the farm.”

“I agree, I enjoy her videos and think she’s setting herself up for when the show ends,” added a third.

Another person concurred, writing: “Yeah I agree with you Amy is preparing for her future when the TV show ends after next year.”

They continued: “I have noticed better quality pictures and cooking videos from Amy Roloff Little Kitchen.”


Little People fans recently demanded that TLC cancel the series and blamed Matt Roloff, 61, for its demise.

Viewers claimed that a recent episode was the show’s “most boring” yet.

Per a recent thread on an LPBW-themed online forum, fans have seemingly grown tired of the same old drama and storylines, claiming they’re “boring.”

The latest episode was said to be the “most boring episode ever,” and many fans are pinning the blame on family patriarch Matt.

One critic commented: “The show is so boring now. I wish the other kids would come back just to add some spice to the mix. I can only take so much of Tori & Zach talking about hot dogs.”

Another chimed in: “Yes … I watch and like the show but with everyone separated it has become boring. Just mostly interviews it feels like.”

A third viewer wrote: “Loved it from day one and have watched all the episodes, but now it’s only about Matt’s version of selling the farm and Zach’s version and Chris and Amy talking about their relationship.”

They continued: “Throw in a few conversations about Pumpkin season and who is going to participate in it and that’s the entire season now. Like watching paint dry. It has reached its end.”

INSTAGRAM/amyjroloffThe TLC star advertised subscriptions for the tiered memberships available for purchase on her website[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/amyjroloffFans complained about Amy’s high prices and questioned who would pay to ‘watch her’ cook[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/amyjroloffLPBW fans believe that Amy is starting her new business venture in preparation for the possibility of the TLC show being canceled[/caption]

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