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Kim Kardashian reveals her teeny waist in white tank and sweats as she laughs & hugs daughter North, 9, in sweet video

Kim Kardashian reveals her teeny waist in white tank and sweats as she laughs & hugs daughter North, 9, in sweet video

KIM Kardashian has shown off her teeny waist while wearing a white tank top and sweatpants in an adorable video with her daughter North.

The Hulu star posted the video to the pair’s shared TikTok account, kimandnorth, on Saturday.

TikTok / Kim KardashianKim Kardashian showed off her slim waist while wearing a white tank top and sweatpants in an adorable new video with her daughter North[/caption]

TikTok / Kim KardashianThe video captured Kim as she opened her mouth wide only for her to seemingly emit a horse’s neigh[/caption]

The TikTok shows Kim, 42, and nine-year-old North recording themselves inside the Skims founder’s massive home closet.

The Kardashians star’s fit physique is on full display in her tiny white crop top and baggy lavender sweats as her slim waistline and defined abs can be seen in the gap between both garments.

North donned a cute strawberry shortcake t-shirt, a bedazzled belt, and hot pink denim jeans for the video.

The nine-year-old is shown issuing a silent scream before immediately prompting her mom to do the same.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum does in fact follow her daughter’s lead but when she opens her mouth a horse’s neigh seemingly erupts from her vocal cords.

Fittingly, the video was captioned, “IF YOU USE THIS HORSE SOUND UR A HORSE.”

Kim appeared shocked by the animal sound as giddy North nearly falls over from laughter, hugging close to her reality TV star just to stay upright.


Kim again showed off her slim figure when the 42-year-old posted new photos advertising her SKKN and Skims brands.

Kardashian fans noticed that Kim’s face appeared to look different, convincing many that that TV personality has had a new plastic surgery procedure.

Kim posted a slew of hot photos wearing a pair of white Skims and smoldering at the camera.

She showed off her messy, long, dark hair and slim waist.

Kim captioned her sexy photos: “From me to you.”

While her sister Kylie Jenner, 25, and the Skims and SKKN accounts both commented with hearts on Kim’s post, fans had a different theory.

Kim’s critics took to an online forum to attempt to pinpoint what is different with her face.

One fan commented: “What did she do?! I mean, she looks fire. But I can never pinpoint what exactly she had done.”

Another said: “Last pic looks like a different person.”

Yet a third shared: “New face, who dis?”

A fourth fan boldly guessed: “Nasalobial fold filler and botox + top lip filler.”

However, Kim has denied getting plastic surgery and had admitted to only a little botox on her forehead.


Just Friday, fans had already noticed Kim’s changing facial features.

On Thursday, a few snaps of Kim were shared on the Instagram page of the jewelry brand Messika.

The Skims founder was part of a Messika brand promotion and in all of the photos she wore the company’s Heart Shaped rivière diamond necklace.

Kim’s face appeared sharp in the snaps, and her jawline looked very angular.

Also, her cheeks curved inward deeply, which made them appear even more hollowed out.

Online, one fan pointed out: “The structure of her face literally changed. And that was the thing she was most praised for before.”

Another asked: “Could someone post a side-by-side of this and an older picture? She looks so completely different…”

A third person suggested: “Her nose looks off-center…”

Yet a fourth fan exclaimed: “It’s her nose! What on earth did she do? It looks almost crooked now?”

TikTok / Kim KardashianNorth was shown laughing at her mom’s shock and embarrassment. She grabbed hold of Kim as she nearly fell over laughing[/caption]

InstagramKim showed off her slim waist while advertising her Skims and SKKN brands[/caption]

InstagramFans speculated that Kim has undergone a secret plastic surgery as her face seemed to look different in the photos[/caption]

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