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Al Roker interrupts guest during segment to tease co-host Craig Melvin over his ‘booty’ in awkward live moment

Al Roker interrupts guest during segment to tease co-host Craig Melvin over his ‘booty’ in awkward live moment

THE Today Show meteorologist Al Roker has interrupted one of the guest on their show during an awkward live moment.

During that time, he teased his co-host, Craig Melvin, about his “booty.”

NBCAl Roker interrupted a guest during a live moment to tease his co-host, Craig Melvin[/caption]

NBCHe brought up the fact that Craig kept saying ‘boo’ earlier this week[/caption]

On Friday’s show, the hosts welcomed organizing expert and author, Janelle Cohen.

She was there to help the hosts and the viewers fold their clothes better and save space.

Janelle started off by helping Al, 68, fold t-shirts in the smallest possible way.

She then moved on to Sheinelle Jones and told her the best way to fold jeans.

“You’re going to fold it in,” the expert said. “And do you see this little thing right here?”

She pointed to the part of the pants that sticks out by the crotch.

“I call that the booty corner, the booty triangle,” Janelle explained.

Craig, 43, laughed and said: “The booty corner.”

Al took a swipe at his co-host and said: “Well, for Craig, it’s the Boo Corner.”

Craig laughed, but ignored Al’s comments and told Sheinelle, 44, to “tuck her booty in more,” on the pants.


Al’s dig came about from a joke he made earlier in the week.

Craig used the word “boo” several times during a Valentine’s Day cooking segment on Tuesday’s show, and Al mocked him for it.

The anchor said that cooking a meal at home for your loved one, who he referred to as “boo”, is an alternative to forking out tens of dollars on a meal at a restaurant.

But, the remark caused his colleagues to start laughing.

Sheinelle said: “I can’t let this go, don’t ever say that again.”

Al warned Craig: “This is what happens when you try to be hip.”

The food author Kevin Curry was in the Today studio and rustled up a version of surf and turf.

But, during the segment, Craig continued to use the word boo.

Al, who seemed slightly irritated, asked: “What if boo doesn’t like being called boo?”

Craig was seen grinning from ear to ear throughout the demonstration.

Al referred to the hilarious moment on Instagram and seemed to mock Craig.

He said: “That time Craig Melvin tried to be hip by calling significant others boo during a cooking segment.”

But, fans were left in hysterics following the hilarious moment.

One said: “That was rich!! We were all cracking up over that.”

A second viewer commented: “I love how they interact with each other. [They] just have fun. Love watching them.”

A third noted that Craig can be a little “goofy” occasionally.


Al kept the jabs coming on Friday’s show when he implied that Craig was cheap.

Craig, Al, Sheinelle and Dylan Dreyer hosted the third hour of Today.

They welcomed Brian Chung, the show’s business and data reporter, to the show.

The hosts took their viewers through a “by the numbers” segment and let them know how much they would be spending on average this weekend for the Super Bowl, whether at the game or having a party at home.

Craig started off the segment on the show, and Brian told everyone how much game tickets are and how much people spend on food at the game.

Brian said that last year the average price of a hot dog and beer was $18, which shocked the stars.

“That’s shameful! $18 for a hot dog and a beer? That is shameful,” Craig said.

“They should throw in the hot dog!”

When Brian finished up the first slide, Al mocked his co-host and said: “I can see [Craig’s son] Dell now at the stadium. ‘Daddy, can we have a hot dog?’ ‘No! I brought this bag of popcorn in here. You eat that and be happy.’”

Dell is Craig’s eight-year-old son.

Dylan and Sheinelle cracked up and Craig pointed to Al with a smile on his face.

“You know me well,” Craig told his co-host.

Al laughed as the host said: “Eat before you go.”

NBCAl and Craig tease each other a lot while on air[/caption]

NBCThe meteorologist implied that Craig was cheap during the same show[/caption]

NBCCraig nervously laughed it off, but said Al’s impression was spot on[/caption]

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