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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak snaps ‘enough drama!’ at player after he pretends to faint at finally winning money

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak snaps ‘enough drama!’ at player after he pretends to faint at finally winning money

PAT Sajak has taunted a player who pretended to faint after winning money.

The Wheel of Fortune host refused to laugh during the Triple Toss-up round.

ABCWheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak kept a serious face during a hilarious moment[/caption]

ABCA contestant answered the phrase correctly: ‘Singing A Song’[/caption]

ABCHe then pretended to faint after Pat said: ‘Give him some money’[/caption]

After co-host Vanna White, 65, pressed the button and lit up the screen, contestants were under the clock to guess the “fun and games” category.

One contestant, Nathan, rang the buzzer and shouted correctly: “Singing a song!”

Pat, 76, said: “Give him some money!”

During the wild moment, Nathan pretended to faint as he flailed his arms and dropped his chest onto the table. 

Although the player laughed at his own joke, the host snapped: “All right! Enough drama!”

The longtime TV personality recently taunted another player, too, who was also interested in solving the puzzle. 

During the installment, competitor Octavia seemed unable to complete the phrase.

She was stuck with a tricky phrase – that had “not many” letters to start with – during the final round.

Octavia thought she had the upper hand after choosing the consonant letters – D, B, H – and the letter A for her vowel.

After Vanna plugged Octavia’s letters onto the board, the phrase was still difficult to decipher with its significant gaps. 

Octavia whined: “No.”

The star added pressure as he said: “Talk it out. You have ten seconds.”

After the countdown was over, Octavia missed the phrase: “Autographed Copy.”

Pat threw shade at Octavia, who suffered a major loss on camera. 

He admitted that the phrase was a “tough one” to come up with and added: “I thought you might be able to come up with autograph… wasn’t gonna happen, was it?”


Although Pat is known for throwing shade at contestants, he has demonstrated being nice towards them. 

During Friday’s episode, Pat came to the rescue of a struggling player.

Natasha from Jacksonville, Florida, picked “Phrase” for the final round.

She was left with a board that read: “AHEAD,” “THE,” and “_R_ _D.”

While stumbling with her response, she stuttered: “Ahead of the…” before butchering the end words.

Natasha seemed unsure as she nervously put the words together and muttered: “Way ahead of the…crowd?”

He told her to: “Say it again.”

Natasha repeated the phrase with confidence: “Way ahead of the crowd!”

Pat congratulated her and cheered: “You got it! Just wanted you to get it together there.”

Natasha became the big winner and took home $22,900, along with a trip to St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

ABCPat recently taunted a contestant Octavia after her loss on the show[/caption]

Getty Images – GettyPat poses with Vanna White on their Wheel of Fortune set[/caption]

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