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Today’s Sheinelle Jones tries to cut to commercial during Al Roker and Craig Melvin’s awkward moment live on air

Today’s Sheinelle Jones tries to cut to commercial during Al Roker and Craig Melvin’s awkward moment live on air

TODAY co-host Sheinelle Jones attempts to segue into a commercial break after an awkward moment on the show.

Sheinelle, 44, insisted that producers cut to a commercial break after her co-anchors Al Roker, 68, and Craig Melvin, 43, began singing on the Today show.

NBCToday host Sheinelle Jones tried to cut to commercial break during the show[/caption]

NBCSheinelle rushed to break after Al Roker and Craig Melvin began singing[/caption]

During the morning show’s segment that covered “people and products changing the game,” the NBC personalities discussed the pet accessory brand Wooof Lab among other brands.

Producers had Today hair stylist Kelly O’Neill and her dog Lemon demonstrate how to use the Biothane hands-free leash from Wooof Lab.

Since the leash wrapped around Kelly like a harness, Sheinelle, Al, and Craig were all intrigued by the product.

Al even grabbed one of the leashes, admitting that he was going to purchase a leash for his dog Peppa.

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When Sheinelle started her closing remarks to transition to break, Al started to sing Kenny Rogers’ song The Gambler.

Initially, Sheinelle egged the weatherman on, snapping her fingers and rocking to the rhythm of his singing.

Craig also chimed in, showing his support, singing in tandem with Al.

Al apparently chose to sing The Gambler since the next segment was about laundry folding.


And the song’s beginning lines are: “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em/Know when to fold ’em.

Of course, the dynamic dude duo remixed the song words to fit the show, singing the altered lyric: “We’re gonna show you how to fold every piece of clothing.”

As Craig and Al got more into singing the song, Sheinelle went from encouraging their performance to cutting it off.

“We’re out of time,” Sheinelle expressed as she interrupted Al since he was the only one singing at that point.

Although she kept saying, “we’re out of time,” Al continued his closing remarks once he quit singing.


Sheinelle has been getting a little feisty with her co-hosts lately, specifically Craig.

During the show’s Consumer Confidential segment on Wednesday, Sheinelle explained that the trio of NBC anchors would be “decoding popular skincare terms, tools, and trends.”

The expert for the talk show’s bit about skincare was board-certified dermatologist Dr Marnie Nussbaum.

Dr Marnie broke down to the Today crew the differences between microneedling and microdermabrasion, explaining the benefits of each.

As Dr Marnie was elaborating, Sheinelle asked her “how often” should someone do “either” procedure, to which the skin specialist responded, “three treatments, four weeks apart” for microneedling.

She continued to say that microdermabrasion could be done “literally once a month.”

Soon after Dr Marnie concluded her explanation, Sheinelle expressed that she “should try” either microneedling or microdermabrasion.

Commending his co-star on her already existing flawless skin and seemingly attempting to discourage her from getting either treatment, Craig told Sheinelle, “your skin looks great.”

Immediately Sheinelle responded, “I know,” causing Dr Marnie to chuckle.

GettySheinelle hyped them at first but then cut them off after they went too long[/caption]

GettySheinelle has been getting shady with her co-hosts lately[/caption]

GettyDuring Wednesday’s episode of the show Sheinelle shaded Craig’s compliment[/caption]

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