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Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee claims she wants to ‘get out of financial mess’ left by her ex Josh in new video

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee claims she wants to ‘get out of financial mess’ left by her ex Josh in new video

TEEN Mom star Mackenzie McKee has claimed her ex Josh left her and the kids in a “financial mess.”

In a new Instagram Story post, Mackenzie, 28, talked about her monthly goals with her fans and said one of her focuses was on her family’s financials.

Instagram / mackenziemckeeTeen Mom Mackenzie McKee went on an Instagram rant to share about financial troubles[/caption]

InstagramMackenzie claimed her ex Josh left her in a ‘financial mess’[/caption]

Mackenzie kicked off: “Ok, so I don’t do beginning-of-the-year goals.

“Statistically, none of you are reaching those goals because we need to focus on the little goals that reach the end goal.”

She explained: “I do month goals.

“Every month at the end of the month I write my big month goal, and weekly I write how to strategize every day to reach those.”

Mackenzie broke her organization method down and shared: “I have three goals every month: a personal goal.

“This month was to partake in no gossip ever.”

The Teen Mom star then referred to her ex, Josh, when she said: “I have a financial goal, which is to get out of the mess he left us in, and I’ve crawled out of a lot since October.”

Over the summer of 2022, Mackenzie told her fans she and her husband Josh may be planning to get a divorce.

In the rest of the Instagram video, Mackenzie continued on to explain her recent fitness journey focused on running.


Since Mackenzie and Josh’s split, he went on a harsh and self-critical social media rant.

Back in January, the reality star took to Instagram to share a series of quotes about “negative people” and “standing alone.”

Josh added his own words and posted: “I have done and said a lot of s**t in my life that I’m not proud of, EVERY SINGLE GOD D**N ONE OF US HAS A PAST!

“You want to base my present life off my past? That’s fine! You want to call me a POS, liar, cheater, etc? That’s fine!

“Watch me walk the f**k away! Know who the f**k you are,” he ranted.


Last week, Mackenzie was slammed over a parenting decision with her son Gannon, who she shares with Josh.

The 11-year-old told his mother kids at school bully him, and he blamed her for it.

As the Teen Mom shared another live Q&A, her son cried out off-camera.

“I don’t like people from my school getting on there,” Gannon told his mom about her TikTok usage.

But the 28-year-old seemed to laugh off her child’s concerns, and jokingly told her growing TikTok crowd: “Ok, if you go to Gannon’s school, get off.”

The attempt at a light-hearted joke did not go over well with Gannon, who then dropped a bullying bombshell on his mom.

“They’re making rumors about me that’s not true,” he sadly said, as Mackenzie asked for examples. “I don’t know, they are just whispering in people’s ears about me.”

Again, Mac tried to shake off the sentiment and said: “All your friends have TikTok.”

Before the conversation could continue, the reality star was distracted by another child.

Online, fans were furious at her lack of compassion.

“Parenting 101: make sacrifices for your kids. This includes staying off TikTok if your kid is being bullied for it,” one person commented in an online chat room.

Another asked: “I don’t know why she didn’t shut that off right then and there and talk to him about it?”

A third noted: “You can hear the hurt in Gannon’s voice.”

Yet a fourth fan slammed: “Your child and their mental and emotional health are more important than you being on social media.”

Instagram/@mackenziemckeeMackenzie claimed she’s ‘crawled out of a lot’ since October and the couple announced their split last summer[/caption]

InstagramMeanwhile, Josh went on an angry rant about being a ‘liar and a cheat’ back in January[/caption]

Instagram/mackenziemckeeMackenzie has also been slammed over a recent parenting decision for her son Gannon[/caption]

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