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Ryan Seacrest confuses Kelly Ripa and Live guest as he seems to ‘take shirt off’ in the middle of segment

Ryan Seacrest confuses Kelly Ripa and Live guest as he seems to ‘take shirt off’ in the middle of segment

LIVE With Kelly and Ryan host Ryan Seacrest has confused co-host Kelly Ripa and the show’s guest.

He seemed to have taken his shirt off in the middle of a segment on Friday’s show.

ABCKelly Ripa thought Ryan Seacrest ‘took his shirt off’ on TV[/caption]

ABCThe host had on a tan shirt and took off his jacket to try on a dude robe[/caption]

Kelly and Ryan led the Back To Back Bargains segment on the the show.

Deals expert Monica Mangin showed the hosts many products including towel warmers and things they could put in them.

Ryan took his suit jacket off and laid it on the table to try on the dude robes that Monica had provided.

He had on a tan shirt underneath and Kelly looked at him and did a double take.

“Oh my God. I thought you just took your shirt off,” she said.

“I did too,” Monica said, as Kelly cracked up.

Ryan quipped back with: “I mean dreams to come true, but not today.”

“I was like, ‘Where are his nipples?’” Kelly asked.

“I had those removed when I moved to New York,” Ryan joked as he put on the robe.

“Cover up with your dude robe,” Monica said, as she fixed the hood of the robe on him.


Although Ryan didn’t technically suffer a wardrobe malfunction, there has been plenty of those on the show.

Earlier this week, in fact, Kelly suffered one as she struggled with a pair of green pants.

She wore a navy blouse with white polka dots paired with emerald green pants on Friday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Host Ryan prepared to read a host of “travel hacks,” but noted Kelly didn’t like the word “hacks.”

He corrected himself, calling them “hidden gems.”

But before Ryan could read from his list, Kelly rose to her feet and began tugging at her green pants.

“You alright?” a concerned Ryan asked.

“The dry cleaner clearly shrunk these,” Kelly joked as she stood up.

She attempted to adjust her green pants as she looked uncomfortable.

Ryan asked: “You need that static spray?”

“I’d buy a size bigger, and then when they shrink, it feels comfortable.”

“I did,” Kelly said. “Double shrinkage.”

Ryan then continued reading his list of “gems” as Kelly settled into her seat.

She looked like she had finally gotten comfortable as they explored some of the travel hacks Ryan had collected.


Ryan also had another wardrobe malfunction last month when one of his buttons came undone.

The 48-year-old introduced the next segment: “So Kelly, in today’s show, we continue our ‘Best Me in 2023’ series with Dr. Melina Jampolis and a look at heart-healthy foods.”

Ryan spoke emphatically and moved his arms around while pumping up the audience about the next portion of the show.

While mentioning “heart-healthy foods,” however, he stretched his arms a little too wide, which resulted in an embarrassing on-air gaffe.

A button popped off of the American Idol star’s shirt, revealing a small patch of his bare skin right in the center of his chest.

The audience burst out into laughter while Kelly attempted to predict what kind of “heart-healthy foods” Dr. Jampolis would suggest.

Meanwhile, Ryan tried to cover the hole in his shirt while barely stifling laughs.

ABCThe guest also thought Ryan took his shirt off and Kelly wondered where his nipples were[/caption]

NBCEarlier on in the show, Kelly suffered a wardrobe malfunction, when her pants were too tight[/caption]

Live with Kelly and RyanRyan’s chest was almost on display earlier this week when his shirt popped open[/caption]

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