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Mama June’s daughter Pumpkin, 23, slammed after she begs fans for $7.5K so she can ‘buy a minivan’ for her 4 kids

Mama June’s daughter Pumpkin, 23, slammed after she begs fans for $7.5K so she can ‘buy a minivan’ for her 4 kids

MAMA June’s oldest daughter Pumpkin has been attacked by online trolls after asking for money on TikTok.

Pumpkin, whose real name is Lauryn Efird, hopped on the trend after she saw another user get $4,000 for McDonald’s McChicken sandwiches.

TikTok/pimpinp1Pumpkin took to TikTok to ask fans to send her money to buy a minivan[/caption]

TikTok/pimpinp1Critics in an online thread were not happy that Pumpkin keeps ‘begging’ for cash[/caption]

In the TikTok, she’s wearing a sparkly black see-through top with a black bra and tight black pants.

She paired her black outfit with white sparkly western-style boots and a denim jacket with white sparkly fringe on the back.

Pumpkin is shown spinning around in her fancy jacket in the lobby of a hotel with shiny marble floors.

The video said: “Y’all know that trend where that girl got 4k for McChickens?

“Well, if 750 of y’all sent $10, me and Josh could buy this minivan we need for our kids.”


Critics on a Mama June online thread, where the video was reposted, were not happy to hear Pumpkin was asking for more money from her fans and followers.

Someone wrote: “If they have the money to set aside to keep getting large tattoo pieces then they can find the ability to set aside money for a van.”

Another critic said: “They make this much from the show. First off, quit begging. Second, birth control. Third, you likely make this much from TikTok, to begin with.”

A third chimed in: “Yet they’re constantly getting tattoos, smoking weed, vaping, etc…”

It can be confirmed that Pumpkin recently got a massive tattoo of a tiger and flowers. The sleeve covers her entire right arm, and it’s still not finished.


Pumpkin and her younger sister Honey Boo Boo, also known as Alana Thompson, have asked fans to send money several times in the last year.

Citing money troubles, Pumpkin asked fans to send cash for her husband’s birthday last summer.

The 22-year-old shared a screenshot of her husband’s cash app on her Instagram story and insinuated fans should send money.

She wrote: “Today’s @official_josh_efird birthday. For the ones who’ve asked to send him stuff. Here’s his cash app.”

Then, Honey Boo Boo began asking fans to pay $50 for a personalized video on Cameo, an app where fans can purchase videos from celebrities.

On social media, the TLC star wrote: “Book my Cameo! For anything you guys need. You will most definitely not be disappointed!”

She has also raised money by asking fans to spend about $25 on her meet-and-greet tour.

Only a month after that, Pumpkin revealed the massive tattoo that was previously mentioned.

Instagram/ mamajunePumpkin’s mom is Mama June, who has been accused of neglecting her kids[/caption]

@pumpkin/InstagramPumpkin takes care of her younger sister Honey Boo Boo[/caption]

Social Media – Refer to SourcePumpkin and her husband have four kids, and two are less than a year old[/caption]

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