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Love Island’s Zara slams show rival and brands her ‘the producers’ favourite’

Love Island’s Zara slams show rival and brands her ‘the producers’ favourite’

LOVE Island’s Zara Lackenby-Brown has hit out at her former rival Olivia Hawkins and has sensationally branded her “the producers favourite”.

During an interview on Reality with Will Njobvu, the 25 year old model certainly did not hold back when it came to discussing her true feelings about Olivia.

Reality with Will NjobvuLove Island’s Zara slams show rival Olivia Hawkins[/caption]

ErotemeZara has words with former villa housemate Olivia Hawkins[/caption]

When asked who she thought was the shadiest person in the villa, Zara replied: “Oh no, we’ve made amends but I have to say Olivia, just from what I’ve seen since I’ve come out.”

She added: “I thought it was just a me and her thing and thought, you know what, it was what it was, maybe she didn’t mean it and move on.”

She then continued: ” But she started doing it to Tanyel, she started trying to do it to Samie. I don’t agree with some of the things that she has been doing.”

But she also didn’t hold back when it came to Tom Clare. When asked who she thought was in it for fame and money, she hesitantly replied: “Tom because I know he’s a footballer and he’s been sort of bouncing from girl to girl.”

While on the reality TV dating show, it wasn’t just Olivia that Zara had an issue with – but also Aaron Waters.

When the group were playing a game of truth or dare, the former Australian Love Island contestant took an unprovoked swipe at Zara.

He was asked who he thought was likely to talk behind your back, to which he replied: “Well I feel like we’ve already seen it, so I’m going to have to go with Zara.”

This comes on the back of Zara telling Aaron that Olivia was not interested in him, which Olivia then denied, leaving Zara to look like a stirrer.

Zara believes Tom Clare is on the show for fame and moneyRexZara while on Love IslandRex

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