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Little People’s Audrey Roloff shares new video taken inside messy garage featuring bikes and shoes all over the ground

Little People’s Audrey Roloff shares new video taken inside messy garage featuring bikes and shoes all over the ground

AUDREY Roloff from Little People, Big World has put herself on blast after she shared a video of her garage.

Audrey posted the video on her Instagram story to show her husband Jeremy building a brooder for their chicks, with the help of their two eldest children.

Instagram / Audrey RoloffAudrey shared a video that shows her messy and cluttered garage[/caption]

instagram/audreyroloffJeremy was in the garage building a brooder for their chicks[/caption]

In the video, Audrey wrote: “Don’t mind our garage” with a dizzy face emoji.

As soon as the video begins, Jeremy can be heard hammering away to build the brooder. He built it in the middle of their garage surrounded by a green ATV and a camo-colored golf cart.

There was little to no room to move around the brooder because of all the clutter and vehicles. Shoes, sports equipment, and other items were scattered on the floor.


Fans have previously criticized Audrey and Jeremy for living in an unkempt home. During the LPBW alum’s recent Q&A a fan inquiry about dealing with “clutter” and keeping “organized.”

The ex-TLC star responded by admitting that she feels like staying mess-free is one of her and Jeremy’s “biggest weaknesses.”

She said: “We constantly feel like we have too much to manage and keep track of and it gets disorganized and messy so often. We also say ‘yes’ to a lot of things at the cost of a clean and organized home.”

Last year, Audrey showed off more of her messy home by exposing her dirty living conditions and filthy floor.

As previously stated, Audrey has had a history of being criticized for her living conditions.

Just a few weeks earlier, she was slammed for letting one-year-old Radley play in a dirty room that looked dangerous.

Audrey made no excuse for the mess, defending it in a follow-up post.

“Y’all… this is nothing,” she shared. “And in case you’re new around here, this isn’t (and definitely won’t be in the coming months) your place for picture-perfect home content.”


This week, Audrey shared how she keeps her family on track. She mapped out 12 months of “Roloff Family Values.”

On a small notepad after their spa trip, she wrote out a list of each month in the year and the family value the family will focus on that month.

Audrey recently admitted to having marital struggles with Jeremy. She admitted that she doesn’t always connect with her husband as she spoke very honestly with fans on Instagram.

“Jeremy and I have very good, like intellectual connection, spiritual connection, physical connection,” she shared.

Audrey added: “We’re not very good at connecting emotionally. Because neither one of us are very emotional people and that’s something that we’re working on.”

“This is what happens when the entire goal of your marriage and brand is to not get divorced,” one critic said bluntly on an online thread.

instagram/audreyroloffHis workspace was surrounded by clutter, a golf cart, and an ATV[/caption]

InstagramAudrey has been criticized for having a messy home in the past[/caption]

TLCAudrey and Jeremy have had issues with emotional connection in their marriage[/caption]

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