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Kim Kardashian looks completely unrecognizable before ‘plastic surgery’ in throwback photo with famous friends

Kim Kardashian looks completely unrecognizable before ‘plastic surgery’ in throwback photo with famous friends

KIM Kardashian has shared a throwback photo with her famous friends in which the reality star looks unrecognizable.

The Skims founder, 42, posted the snapshot on her Instagram Stories as part of a birthday tribute to R&B singer Kelly Rowland.

Instagram/MessikajewelryKim Kardashian shared a throwback photo with several of her famous friends in which the reality star looks unrecognizable[/caption]

Kim seated with Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony, and Serena WilliamsInstagram/kimkardashian

Kim took to Instagram Saturday to wish the former Destiny’s Child member, who turned 42 on February 11th, a “happy birthday.”

The Hulu star uploaded an up-to-date photo of herself with Kelly, Goodies singer Ciara, 37, and Lori Harvey, 26, daughter of comedian Steve Harvey at the Baby2Baby Gala.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum followed up her recent group pic with the Dilemma singer with one from years past.

The throwback photo featured a younger Kim, seated between tennis legend Serena Williams, 41, and TV personality La La Anthony, 43, with Kelly positioned next to the TRL co-host.

The younger Kim looked very different from the reality TV star Kardashian fans have grown accustomed to watching.

The former E! star’s face appears much more rounded and featured softer edges compared to the structured and contoured facial details present today.

The photograph would have been before Kim’s speculated plastic surgery, which the LA native has denied having but fans are convinced she has undergone.

During an interview with Allure magazine, the shape-shifting star, who had recently lost 21lbs, denied having gotten plastic surgery.

Kim claimed she has never had filler in her lips or cheeks and only “a little bit of Botox” in her forehead.

She said: “No filler.

“Never filled either one (lips or cheeks), ever.”


Fans scrutinized Kim’s unrecognizable appearance in new photos that featured her “changing” nose and chiseled cheekbones.

On Thursday, a few snaps of Kim were shared on the Instagram page of the jewelry brand Messika.

Apparently, the 42-year-old was part of a Messika brand promotion since, in all of the photos, she wore the company’s Heart Shaped rivière diamond necklace.

The aspiring attorney’s face appeared sharp in the snaps, and her jawline looked very angular.

Also, her cheeks curved inward deeply, which made them appear even more hollowed out.

Supporters and critics alike have noted Kim’s evolving face online.

Many individuals have expressed the differences in the mom-of-four’s features in a Kardashians-themed Reddit forum.

“The structure of her face literally changed. And that was the thing she was most praised for before,” one fan admitted.

Another asked: “Could someone post a side-by-side of this and an older picture? She looks so completely different…”

A third person suggested: “Her nose looks off-center…”

Another cosigned: “It’s her nose! What on earth did she do. It looks almost crooked now??”

Someone else rudely inquired: “Who the f**k is that?,” to which another person shadily responded: “It’s not Kim K.”


A lot of critics blamed the TV personality’s new look on “filters” and “filler.”

One fan declared: “I think the jaw filler (implant?) is making her look older. Youthful faces are usually round/fuller but this filler weirdly elongates and widens the face making it appear sharper, and thus, older. She was definitely not going for this look.”

Another added: “Oh dear, her jaw filler is making her face look super bulky and harsh instead of the ‘snatched’ look I think she’s going for.”

Another co-signed: “I cannot believe she keeps going! What is she hoping will happen if she keeps cutting and adding and sewing and threading and injecting…”

“She had such a beautiful face and so unique and now she looks like generic A.I. from all the work and filters. And not even a particularly good one [because] it looks kind of off,” a fourth person explained.

Instagram/@poochKardashian fans have continued to speculate on whether Kim has undergone plastic surgery on her face[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/kimkardashianKim has denied rumors of any facial cosmetic procedures and claimed that she never gotten any fillers during an Interview with Allure magazine[/caption]

Instagram/MessikajewelryKim fans stated that the TV star looked unrecognizable in new promotional photos for Messika jewelry[/caption]

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