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Jon and Kate’s daughter Mady Goselin, 22, slams fans who call her ‘damaged’ following parent’s divorce

Jon and Kate’s daughter Mady Goselin, 22, slams fans who call her ‘damaged’ following parent’s divorce

JON and Kate Gosselin’s daughter Mady has hit out at online trolls who claim she is “damaged” and is suffering “trauma” following her parent’s divorce.

The 22 year old TV personality, who is one of eight children by Jon and Kate Gosselin, shot to fame as a child during the family’s reality TV show, Jon And Kate Plus 8.

TikTok/@madygosselinJon and Kate Gosselin’s daughter Mady, 22, slams fans who call her ‘damaged’[/caption]

GettyMady with her sister Cara and mum Kate Gosselin[/caption]

Mady recently took to TikTok to slam fans who posted cruel comments about her and her siblings, claiming that they are suffering trauma since their parent’s split in 2009.

She said: “This is the singular time I’m going to address this because it is sending me over the edge.”

She added: “The rhetoric in so many of my comments about childhood trauma and healing and whatever you want to say about my family, my life, my parents, whatever is not your business.”

But it didn’t end there, Mady went on to explain that online discussions about her family can be harmful for her and her siblings – Cara, 22 and 18 year old sextuplets Aaden Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah, and Leah.

She continued: “Perpetuating the narrative that we are damaged or that we are crazy child stars or whatever you want to say is extremely harmful as myself and my siblings are going out into the world and will be functioning members of society with careers.”

Kate and Jon split in 2009 after 20 years together. And since the couple’s split there have been a number of bitter exchanges between the pair.

And fans believe the children are struggling to cope. She said: “Regardless of whatever narrative you have created in your head from what you’ve seen, my siblings are doing so well.”

GettyThrowback picture of Mady’s parents Kate and Jon Gosselin[/caption]

SplashJon and Kate of the TV show “Jon and Kate plus 8” spending 4th of July together, despite divorce announcement in 2009[/caption]

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